Weekend not as Planned

Another weekend that went nothing as planned. The plan was to lay low this weekend, clean house, and organize! The actual agenda – quick trip to Richmond on Saturday and lots of couch time on Sunday.

Friday afternoon, Christian received a call from his boss.  He wanted him to come up Saturday morning for an interview for a big promotion at work.  Since I love Richmond, Cole and I decided to tag along.  Christian dropped us off at a mall right down the street from his office.  Cole and I discovered the new lululemon store at Short Pump. I add a few essentials to my summer wardrobe. We also stuck our head in Nordstrom to replace Cole’s old worn out vans.  Now that he can tie his shoes, he wants laces.  We both loved the same pair – mission accomplished. (I love the picture I took of his feet when we got home that night.  I feels like a little glimpse of teenage Cole.  His feet look huge in the picture. They really are tiny!).

While Christian interviewed, I was reminded of what a No-Nonsense shopper I am.  I bought two new pairs of pants from lululemon and Cole’s shoes in less than twenty minutes.  Fortunately Short Pump is a great outdoor mall with a lot of cool fountains to keep Cole entertained while we waited for Christian.

After Christian’s interview and our quick shopping trip, we were able to have lunch with my great friend Sara and her precious daughter Avery.  Sara lives in a dream-like neighborhood. Old beautiful houses just blocks from the James River Park System.  Tons of Trails. Tons of places to splash in the river. And a great little sandwich/coffee/ice cream place right at the end of their street.  We all walked to lunch, went exploring on the trails, and watched her dog Mighty swim in the lake.

Sunday was a super lazy day for me. Christian was up and out early to play golf.  I stayed in PJs all day! In spite of my laziness, I did manage to clean upstairs and finished all of our laundry.  It feels good to make house progress. It also feels wonderful to do nothing.

Back to the normal work routine. It’s going to be another crazy one. Christian’s getting more tattoo work done tonight, Cole has swim on Monday and Wednesday, Jimmy Buffett on Thursday, and I’ve got to find time to run and practice yoga.  Thank goodness next weekend is a 3 day weekend! (and I’ve given up on planning – we will see what the week unfolds for us!)

Sara's sweet baby Avery! She is the cutest happiest baby ever!

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10 thoughts on “Weekend not as Planned

    1. Thanks Heidi! I was reading your blog early today and love it! I’m taking all sorts of notes for when we have our own baby. I love that you are about one year ahead of me in life – makes it easy for me 🙂

      1. Haha! I’m planning on doing a few posts the boys and how they adjusted to the baby. Too funny. Nursing and elementary school boys is hysterical! Hopefully it will get you prepared (if you plan on nursing that is)!

  1. add – Nicole comes home! I think I can keep up with you and your running – you’re still in the early stages of the program, right? Or a yoga session? I def need to keep the exercising in balance with the sunning/partying at the Mosley pool.

    1. of course you can keep up! I’m running 3 mins, walking 3 minutes and we can do whatever pace you want. I’ve been averaging about 9 minute miles but would be happy to do anything. And the yoga mats are always rolled out – come on over!

  2. AW!!! We love our home too 🙂 And we love you guys! Thanks so much for coming up and coming to us! Next time we need to remember ICE CREAM after the “hike” 🙂

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