Smiling at the Little Things

I’d be lying if I said I’m feeling 100% like me lately.  It’s okay though. I’ve got lots of good reasons for feeling slightly off lately. With that said, feeling not quite like me has made me look at things a little different.  I normally find my happy moments in running, in yoga, in cooking healthy meals.  All 3 have been off lately.  Since I’m not consistently doing any of 3, I’m finding tiny moments of happy throughout each day.

My #1 happy moment for the week (possibly a top 10 for the year) – Cole drew the cutest picture for me on Sunday night. Below is Cole’s one of a kind art work.  Have you ever seen a pig practicing yoga? You can now say Yes! You have! I love my little artist, and I love that he knows that a pig doing yoga would make me smile from ear to ear.

Happy Moment #2 – Cole had swim lessons on Monday. Due to construction in the lobby of the Rec Center, the viewing area is closed. I grabbed my latest stack of magazines to reread for the 100th time while he swam for an hour.  I seriously have read these magazines over and over again.  Today I noticed something new in Women’s Runner.  I noticed ME! I am in Women’s Runner.  Well, okay, let’s be real…my name and music suggestion is listed in the magazine, but I’ll take it. It’s as close to being in a running magazine as I will ever get.  How did I miss this all the other times I read the magazine? (I’m the 3rd one from the bottom – my favorite run song: Don’t Slow Down by Matt & Kim. Add it to your playlist. Seriously!)

Happy Moment #3 – I wandered on to the pool deck for the last ten minutes of Cole’s swim lesson just in time to see…….Cole swam the entire length of the pool doing the freestyle stroke! I cried! If you have kids, you get it.  If you know Cole, you really get it.  He’s so hard on himself. I love seeing him enjoying these moments.  The smile on his face told me how proud of himself he was at that moment.  Way to Go Cole! (I so wish I had my camera or phone handy to snap a picture of the moment.)

Happy Moment #4 – This beautiful woodpecker decided to claim the fence right outside our bedroom window.  Fortunately it was late in the morning, so his loud pecking didn’t wake us up.  It was so cool to see him up close.  His mohawk was impressive!

Sometimes breaking routine and stopping normal life patterns can be a great thing. Slowing down is good. It has allowed me to rest. It has allowed me to find little things that make me smile. And trust me, I’m not stuck. I’m still running. I’m still practicing yoga. I’m still eating healthy. I’ve just changed my daily thought process for right now. It may last a few days, a week, a month.  It will last as long as I need it. I’m just not obsessing about making sure those things are happening religiously right now. It’s nice to let go every now and then.  The things that are falling back in place are things I value and need/want in my life. The things that are disappearing won’t be forgotten.

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