Wednesday – Take 2

This was too good not to share.  Cole comes home from school daily with a folder full of school work.  He routinely writes sentences during class about a topic and draws a picture to go with it. The assignment he brought home today was about if he were flat. He wrote,

If I was flat I would slip through and go anywhere I want.  I would go to my friend Ashton and go there every day. It would be lots of fun. I would slip under the door and hear the romantic stuff.  That would be a lot of fun.

After he read it to me, he kindly informed me that the romantic stuff referred to me and Christian. Oh My Gosh! As a mom, what the heck do you say? Okay, but that is private.  Ummm, what kind of romantic stuff are you talking about? Weird! Crazy! Embarrassing!

My child is Crazy!!!!!

Flat Cole sliding under our door

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