Summer is officially here!

Hello 3 day weekend! We started the weekend a little early.  Thursday night we attended the Jimmy Buffett concert. So much fun! My parents were kind enough to treat us to the show.  Thank you Mom and Dad! Christian and I attended with my parents and Christian’s dad.  Christian’s mom, the biggest non-Jimmy Buffett fan, had a Cole date.  The concert was the perfect kick off to the summer.  We couldn’t have requested better weather. I even managed to run into everyone I was hoping to see at the concert.

The late night turned into a very early morning that turned into a very busy work day.  A family friday night is exactly what I needed this evening. After a great nap on the couch, Christian cooked up a yummy dinner.  Cole, Christian and I set up camp on the living room floor and watched Secretariat. (we aren’t the most up-to-date on our movie watching!)  It was a great movie – if I looked to pull one piece of inspiration from the movie, I love the phone conversation the mom had with her daughter.  She said something  along the lines of this – “In life our political views constantly change.  Our need to do what our heart feels is right, that’s what matter.”

So true. Even outside the hollywood set. Everything in life constantly changes.  We change. The world around us changes. The relationships we have in our life change.  If we do what our heart feels is right for us we won’t look back at life with regret. If we can eliminate all the “I wish I would haves” or “I should haves” from our life, we would all wake up more satisfied, more ambitious, more eager to tackle the life. This blog, my life plan, and my 40 day goals are my way of eliminating “wish I would haves” from my life.

Enjoy your weekend! Tomorrow I have a lunch date with two awesome ladies and one awesome little lady – Sara, Erin and Avery! Sara (my kick butt marathon running friend), Erin (my awesome high school friend who was with me when I broke my legs – and a kick butt triathlete and pregnant mama), and Avery (possibly the cutest little lady around).  I can’t wait to enjoy my time with them. It’s long over due!

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3 thoughts on “Summer is officially here!

  1. and Christian, the greatest husband in the world, gets to bike the RVA trails with his two friends! I love you best wife in the world!!!

  2. can you email me your pics posted above? great to see you that night! hope you’re feeling better!!!!!

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