National Running Day

Today is National Running Day….so I ran!

I run…because it is the one part of the day belongs to me. It is my little piece of sanity. At the end of a good run, a hard run, a long run, a short run, any run, I feel proud of myself.  It makes me challenge myself. It makes me try harder and push more.  I run because it keeps me  healthy. It keeps me sane. It makes me a better wife and a better mom. It makes me a better me. I run because I can accomplish all of that in 30 minutes (or 3 hours if I’m in the middle of training).

Why do you run?

To avoid another super hot day (95 when I left work today), I waited to run until I put Cole to bed. The weather channel told me it was 82 when I left the house.  I tucked Cole into bed with his new Pokémon books at 7:50.  I told him he could read until I got home.  (Don’t worry, Christian was home. I wouldn’t leave him home alone!!!)  When I got home, Cole was sound asleep still holding onto his books.  I love these little mom moments.

I also bought myself a present – my new water bottle.  Yay! This one holds 22 ounces. It actually feels a lot better on my hand than my other smaller water bottle. It even has a small pocket on the front which is perfect for my Gu.

My run was great tonight.  No extra walking minutes. I stuck with my plan, and it felt really good. No pain in my leg. Tonight, my leg felt strong. I’m going to start my 4:2 ratio on Friday but I’m giving my self permission to walk a little extra if I need to during my run. I am making progress folks.

It also looks like we are going to get a little break from all the heat this weekend.  Thank goodness. It’s Clean the Bay Day on Saturday. We are also celebrating Jillian’s 2nd birthday.

Happy National Running Day! Hope you got out there to run!

Sunset View on my Run - Lynnhaven River

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4 thoughts on “National Running Day

  1. Meant to comment on your holy hotness blog, but got sidetracked. You lose the most heat / gain the fastest cool through your head, palms of your hands, and feet. Holding a cold/frozen water bottle during your run, using a bandana instead of a hat, wetting and freezing wristbands/anklebands/sweatbands, and wearing as little as possible is what our track and cross country athletes do down here in always-hot-and-humid Florida to survive (during preseason I’ll run at 4:30a.m. and it’s still dripping hot out!). Also acclimatize, acclimatize, acclimatize – make sure to spend time outside at the times you run, even when you’re not running. Your body has to learn that it’s “normal”. Good luck!

    1. LOVE! Thank you!!!! I did fill up my water bottle yesterday with ice cubes and a little water. I didn’t think about it at the time except that I wanted cold water, but it did feel great! I’m trying all of them!!!

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