Holy Hotness!

Leaving Work -101 Degrees - Enough Said!

Wow! Did I forget how hot it can be around here in the summer time? Or is it just extra hot right now? Yesterday morning, I set out for my morning run at 8:30am.  It was 82 degrees when I left the house.  This morning, on my drive into work at 7:30am, it was 86 degrees.  Crazy!

Saying a quick Hello to my parents and cousin who came out to cheer me on last year - Mile 5 ( I know you like my fuel bra, I mean belt! Why I can't I be one of those people who can wear them down around their hips and look cool? My just always creeps on up!)

If I’m going to survive training for a half marathon through the summer months, I’ve got to figure out ways to beat the heat.  I struggled last year.  Between our wedding (May 1st) and the Rock n Roll Half (Labor Day Weekend) I managed to run 5 miles max.  I still set out to run the half without any expectations. I actually ran the whole thing besides walking the water stations. My time wasn’t my best, but I did it with very little training. It was a huge boost of confidence, but I would not recommend running 13.1 miles this way! and I will never do that again!

This year, I need/HAVE to do things differently.  I have to follow my training plan.  There are no shortcuts this year!

So what are you running secrets to beating the heat? (and treadmill is an absolute last resort for me. I’m so uncoordinated on those things. I get bored. I’m clumsy. and I’m soooo slow. Honestly, I feel like I’m sprinting when I run a 12 min mile. Trust me, it is not pretty!).

I’ve invested in some good summer running clothes. Wicking material is amazing! I also always carry water with me. My current hand-held bottle holds 6 ozs.  My only other water option is my fuel belt.  I think it’s time to invest in a bigger hand-held.  My 6 ozs lasted 2.6 miles on my run yesterday. I’m also retiring my hat, and pulling out my visor.  My head likes to breath, and the hat was just too hot yesterday.  Since I’m not a fan of running in sunglasses, I need something to keep the sun out of my eyes.

Running Attire: Tank - Lululemon Cool Racerback; Shorts - Lululemon Run Speed Shorts; Water

Am I missing anything? What are you must haves when running in the summer heat?

And a quick running/training/recovery update – my leg feels good.  It still feels weaker than my other leg (bone-wise).  It’s hard to explain, but some days the bone actually feels tired.  I’ve also decided to keep the 3 minutes running to 3 minutes walking ratio for a few more days.  My running hasn’t been as consistent as I would like, and I feel like my body needs these few extra days. Yesterday’s run was really good.  I kept a nice even pace the whole time (about 9:30 – good for me!). I did take 2 extra minutes before my last 3 minute run. I needed it, so I went with it. In my 30 minutes of total running and walking, I went 2.6 miles.  Not too bad!

Tonight I have a date with my yoga mat! In the AC!

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4 thoughts on “Holy Hotness!

  1. it’s not just you – it is crazy HOT for this early in the year… this is completely mid-August type of weather! i’m thinking about starting running again too- went out just to walk this morning and it was heating up like a sauna already by 730am – eww! and i totally feel you on the treadmill thing- running is SO hard on that thing and i always almost fall off at least once! 🙂

    1. So glad I’m not the only one! I really wish I would have followed my minute plan ( 3 mins run; 3 mins walk) when I started running. I was so worried about getting further each time, I think I’m a lot slower because of it!

  2. Lululemon has a visor! Where do you buy the hand held water bottle? Could be good just for my walking in this heat!

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