40 Day Goal Challenge #3

Today is Day 1 of my 3rd set of 40 Day Goal Challenges.  For those of you who didn’t read yesterday’s post, I’m pregnant!!! Until 2012, life is about getting our family and our house ready for Maute Moo!  I’m recycling a few of the goals from the last challenge since I was too tired to do most of the things on that list.  Cole will also be visiting with his dad for a good chunk of this goal session.  This will allow Christian and I to do some heavy organizing, and enjoy some quality time together.

40 Day Goal Challenge #3

(June 2 – July 13)

#1 Make a Rain Barrell

#2 Start Composting

#3 Create Vision Board

#5 Take Cole to Kid’s Yoga (Monday Nights at Bamboo)

#6 Paint our Living Room (and maybe our kitchen!)

#7 Take down bathroom mirror to “discover” what is behind it – ants are currently invading our upstairs bathroom and they appear to be coming from behind the mirror. YIKES! Repair Wall and Replace Mirror.

#8 Organize Garage, Laundry Room, and Hall Closets

#9 Clean out future baby room (hence the reasoning behind #8 – got to make room for baby)

#10 Sleep in our tent – spend one weekend hiking/camping

#11 Keep up with Training Plan

#12  RELAX – don’t let myself get stuck in “go” mode

Reward: A must have, but completely NOT needed baby item!

Sorry – this list isn’t too exciting or action packed.  I’m avoiding being overly ambitious right now. I’m also trying to set myself up for success! My pregnant hormones don’t need disappointment or self-doubt right now!  I think this list is the perfect way to start off the summer and to start of preparing for Maute Moo.

How are you kicking off your summer? Vacation Plans? House plans? Baby Plans?  We are all about organizing and making the best use of what we have, AND I’m hoping we can get in one last family vacation this summer before the Maute Moo arrives.  All 3 of us could use some fun family time before we add another baby to the mix!

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9 thoughts on “40 Day Goal Challenge #3

  1. so is the baby’s room the garage, laundry room, or hall closet? =-) come to Florida to vacation!!!! we didn’t get a chance to discuss look at calendars. let me know if you’re still game and what month would work for you. i’ll make it work for me!

  2. I love the idea of setting attainable goals in a short time period like this. I often, often feel overwhelmed by everything there is to do, and it is so hard to find clarity. I think this would help!

    1. It has really helped me become more of a relaxed Type-A personality 🙂 The logic behind 40 days is that it takes 40 days to create a habit. I’m not sure how many habits I’m forming, but it is definitely making me feel like I’m accomplishing things and getting things done.

  3. Don’t forget to regularly pamper yourself with a mani/pedi (facial, massage or even maid, thank you groupon)! You deserve it, and let’s face it, mani’s are only $12 or so (at least at my place)…I justify it because of the money we saved on beer consumption these past 7 months…haaa! We are so happy for the FOUR of you!!! When is your official due date?

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