Happy Birthday Jillian

Yesterday was the perfect day to be outside! Sunny! 85 degrees! After a pregnant hormone meltdown Friday night – I’ll spare you the details, but none of my clothes fit – I needed Saturday to start off on a good note. I went for an unscheduled run. I’ve moved up to running 4 minutes, walking 2 minutes. I went into the run giving myself permission to walk more if needed, and  I fully expected to walk more. My cardio is shot. I was pleasantly surprised to only need 2 extra minutes before the fourth segment of the run and 1 minute before the last segment. Not too bad! While I am enjoying my running, I am really looking forward to getting out of the run/walk sequence. 2 more weeks! I’m starting to feel like I’m glued to my watch. It’s also becoming hard to relax my brain during the workout. I’m so focused on running for a certain amount of time, etc.  2 more weeks, and I can start “normal” training again.

(on a sad note – my garmin is slowly breaking! the battery isn’t holding a charge, and it got stuck on last Monday’s run for a week.  I bought the watch in Jan. 2010, so I’m hoping Garmin stands behind their product. I’ll be contacting them on Monday!)

Following my run, Christian was gracious enough to take me shopping for some new clothes. I am definitely having a hard time spending money on clothes. I am nowhere near needing maternity clothes yet, but none of my regular clothes fit AT ALL! I’ve been living in one dress and two skirts all week. I managed to find a skirt/dress combo and another cute skirt.  I’m hoping to make them stretch through the summer with a couple new tank tops.  A friend at work also gave me her two huge containers of summer maternity clothes if I need them closer to the end of summer. Thank you Kandice! This will allow me to only buy winter maternity clothes!

Swimming to the bottom

The highlight of yesterday was celebrating our niece Jillian’s 2nd birthday.  Tommy and Jessi came down from Northern Virginia to host her birthday party at Christian’s parent’s house. It was a beautiful day for a pool party, and their were kiddos everywhere.  Cole even had some awesome playmates for the day!  It is always fun to watch all kids interact with each other – kids of all ages. They can find entertainment in the simplest of things. They can challenge each other without being pushy. They can bring out the best in each other.  Cole’s new-found buddy swam to the bottom of the deep end.  So Cole swam to the bottom of the deep end! It was awesome to watch. I love the look on his face when he came back up! AWESOME!

It was also a blast to watch Jillian and Uncle (that’s what she so sweetly calls Christian) interact. She loves her Uncle, and he loves Jillian. If we do have a girl, she is going to have Christian wrapped around her finger! He is a sucker for a sweet little face!

Happy, Happy Birthday Jillian!

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