Finding a Job-Match

You are about to become all you are thinking  ~Eoin Finn

Celebrating my graduation

One of my first 40 day goals was to dedicate time to looking for a new job.  Last December, I graduated from Virginia Tech with a Master’s Degree in Health Promotions/Education. When I enrolled in the program, I knew it was the perfect fit for me. I know that I want to dedicate my life to helping people choose healthy lifestyle choices for themselves, making people aware of the resources that are available to them through the community, and providing people with knowledge that will keep them safe. It is now June, and I’m still working in my same job.

It’s no surprise to people I know that I don’t love my job. It would even be a stretch to say I enjoy my job. What I do love about my job is the flexibility if offers me, and that it allows me to place my priorities in life on things that really matter.  I never work late. I never bring work home. I don’t even think about work when I’m home. While these perks are great, after two and a half  years I’m feeling empty about working.  I don’t ever want a job that defines me and dictates how I live my life outside of work, but I do need to be in an environment that is giving and supportive. I need to work in an environment that challenges me and allows me to feel successful.

I have applied for a handful of jobs since graduating.  I interviewed for one job with the American Cancer Society that I thought for sure was my perfect fit.  It wasn’t.  While it was disappointing to not be chosen for the job, I also feel confident that the right job is about to land in my lap. It might be tomorrow. It might be next week. It might be next year.  I’m no longer modifying my resume to try to “fit” it into a job description. I want the job to be a fit for me.

In my weekly job search, I found a job posting with the City (my current employer).  The job opening is for a Life Safety Specialist with the Fire Department.  I met all of their requirements, so I sent off my resume. I didn’t modify it. I’m also embarrassed to say that I didn’t stress over the application process. To my surprise, they called! I have a job interview tomorrow.

The job posting is looking for an education specialist – Umm! Me! I have a Master’s degree in health education! They want someone with a bachelor’s degree in teaching, public safety, counseling or human services.  Again! Me! Bachelors in English Education! They want someone with experience teaching children and adults.  I’ve done both! They want someone with experience in creative arts! Check! Some one with experience developing programs. Check! Experience in marketing. Check!

While I was very casual in applying for the job, it is something that I really want. As a part of my interview tomorrow, I have to give a short presentation. I was given 3 presentation topics to chose from. I decided to give my presentation on Fire Escape Plans to early elementary students. Of course I’m nervous, but I’m going into the interview prepared.  I’ve created an awesome program to present. I’ve written official lesson plans for the program including Virginia Standards of Learning. I’ve created worksheets. I’ve written a letter home to parents explaining the importance of the program. I also presented the lesson plan to Cole, so we could create our own escape plan. I’m ready!

Today I got an email from a blog I subscribe to – Healthful Pursuit. Her blog post was about positive affirmations. I plan on using her words as I go into my interview tomorrow.

stop, breathe, love yourself, continue

I’m prepared for my interview.  I am qualified for the job. I will be an awesome addition to any team. I will bring a fresh new energy to any environment. While the decision is out of my hands, I’m going to give it my best tomorrow. I’m going to make them love me. I’m going to leave them questioning why they shouldn’t hire me instead of questioning why they should hire me.  Fingers crossed for a little interview magic. Fingers crossed I love the job as much in person as I do on paper.

Whether it’s this job or the next job, I will find a job that matches my passion in life. I’m not forcing things anymore. I know they will fall into place.

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6 thoughts on “Finding a Job-Match

  1. One of my former supervisors used to tell me “positive thoughts create positive actions” – I’ll be sending super duper positive vibes your way all day tomorrow!!

  2. If it is the same group we just had our VBFD assembly last week. They were a fun group that the kids loved! Best of luck!

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