Thank you for all the Good Energy!

So….how did the interview go? I nailed it! I wouldn’t change a single thing about it except I probably could have sat in the room and talked with them for hours. I didn’t want to leave. It was so much fun. I rarely interview with people who match my energy level. For this interview, I meet with 4 people: my potential boss, a potential coworker, a safety educator from Chesapeake, and a safety educator from Hampton.  Everyone in the room loves their job. You could just feel it. They asked their series of questions, and it just felt easy to me. Not easy in a bad way, but easy in a relax way. The answers all came to me naturally. The feedback I received from them was all positive. And then came my presentation! I loved it! I had so much fun! I got to turn the 4 interviewees into 1st graders. My presentation relied heavily on them interacting with me. They were up for playing along. I even got them to crawl on their bellys to the door as they should if they were escaping a burning house! As I was leaving, the educator from Chesapeake took the time to tell me I nailed my presentation! She said I was able to get all the appropriate content into a small window of time. She also asked me how my background in the medical environment translate to teaching children.  I am so glad she asked this question. It really allowed me to show who I am and the passion I have for life.

My work experience with a pharmaceutical company and with the cancer center isn’t what makes me equipped to teach children.  I don’t think my passion for education can be narrowed down to work experience. Educating is what I am passionate about. It is what I am.  I am meant to teach. I am meant to work in an environment that provides people with knowledge that will benefit their life.  Whether the student is 3 or 73, I love to teach. I love working with people. I love leading people to a life that is a little more balanced.

I know I showed them this today.  Based on all the verbal and nonverbal feedback, I feel confident to say that they loved me.  I gave them something to think about. I was more than prepared for the interview. I brought with me a full lesson plan, college transcripts, and examples of programs I’ve developed and evaluated as a part of my graduate work. I know they matched my excitement in the room.

I normally don’t tell people when I’m interviewing for a job. I don’t want to jinx it. I don’t want to have to tell people if I don’t get it. I AM SO GLAD I SHARED! The feedback and support I received from everyone was fantastic. It definitely lifted my energy going into the interview. It pays to be vulnerable. It pays to expose yourself to those around you.

To use the words from Healthful Pursuit again, on my drive to the interview I stopped. I took a breath. I loved myself. and I continued. It is amazing how those four simple phrases can focus your energy. Try it next time you are feeling overwhelmed, insecure, lacking confidence, anxious, or overly excited. It will carry you to exactly where you are meant to be.

Thank you all again for the good energy today! I should know something by the end of the month. I will share the news as soon as I have it! Whether or not I get the news that I want, I am taking away from the interview a recommitment to finding a job where I can work as an educator. It is where I belong.

Carrying the good energy into the rest of my day, our family started a new summer tradition tonight – family walks! I can’t think of a better way to spend the end of the day! Alex on a leash. Cole on his scooter. We are all outside enjoy our neighborhood and each other.  I love it!

Hello Baby Bump!

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6 thoughts on “Thank you for all the Good Energy!

  1. I’ve heard about your blog and I must say I enjoyed it. Saving it in my favorites for future post! Congratulations again!

  2. Good luck. No matter if you get the job or not, you learned a lot and were completely prepared. Enjoy the the daily walks, it is good for all of you. I know you are a big supporter of Eoin Finn–what is one of his best, difficult yoga DVD’s?

    1. I’m a big fan of his blissology series. it’s 6 DVDs and they vary in difficulty. Each day focuses on a different aspect of your body. I also have The pursuit of Happy hips. If you just want to buy one – i would recommend that one! Let me know what you think if you order one!!!

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