At least you did it!

This morning, I set out for my morning run. 1.5 miles. I thought I was getting out there early enough to be the heat, but 9am wasn’t early enough for me.  6am might be my new running time. I’m not going to lie, today’s run was tough.  When I got home, Christian asked me how it went. I said “Hard”.  Cute little Coley said, “at least you did it.”  Ahhh – at least I did it!

My running reality is this right now:I’m coming back from 12 weeks of no running. I’m pregnant. I have to be aware of my heart rate.  Pushing through isn’t always going to be an option for me now.  I have to be careful. Because I’m recovering from an injury, my cardio, strength and endurance is nowhere near what it was 4 months ago.

For my run today, I ran 1.5 miles.  Near the mile marker, I could feel my heart rate increasing.  According to my doctor and everything I’ve read, I need to keep my heart rate between 120 -140.  Although I didn’t have my heart rate monitor on, I know it was higher than that. I could feel it in my chest.  Prior to my pregnancy, I would have normal slowed down, drank some water, and kept going.  Today I decided I need to let my ego go and walk. I walked until I felt my heart rate was back to normal.  I than ran my last 1/2 mile. While I’m improving my cardio and endurance, this might be my reality right now. Run, walk, run.  At least I’m doing it!

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