From Easter Egg to Christmas Baby

When I found out I was pregnant, I knew it would be hard to not write about in my blog.  I kept this blog going when I couldn’t help but write.  Below are the few entries I would have posted if we were telling people! Thank you Sara for the clever phrase – from an Easter Egg to a Christmas Baby!

April 26, 2011 – Last night Christian stood and watched me pee on a stick in our downstairs bathroom.  A huge plus sign showed up before I was even done going the bathroom.  We are having a baby!  Being pregnant and not telling anyone has to be one of the hardest things.  I don’t want to lose a minute of these next precious 36 weeks.  I can’t post this blog yet, but I am definitely going to keep track of my first trimester. I will share it with my blog world once I enter my 2nd trimester.

The positive pregnancy test was confirmed today at my doctor’s office. We are having a baby!

Babies have been a hot-topic in our house (private hot-topic).  The original plan was to go off of birth control after I finished my marathon in March.  Since my body had different plans for me, I didn’t run the marathon in March.  Now what? I want to run a marathon, and I want to come back from this injury strong.  After several conversations, Christian and I both decided that there will always be a marathon to run. I’m 31 this year. Neither one of us want to deal with the additional risks that come along with having children after 35.  Our new plan was to go off of birth control on my 31st birthday, March 28th.

35 days after my last period, we decided that I needed to take a pregnancy test. Neither one of us expected a positive.  So many of our friends are struggling/have struggled with fertility, I expected to get pregnant in about 3 months (if we were lucky). It’s hard to not feel guilty about getting pregnant so quickly.  We didn’t even have time to try to get pregnant. This little baby of ours is definitely ready for the world.

A few days before Easter, I got a funny text from my friend Sara (in Richmond).  She said that she hoped I got a special egg for easter.  Well I did! And according to due date calendars online, we are going to have a Christmas baby.  Based on my last period, my due date is December 27th.

It looks like our cherry blossom weekend in DC biking and practicing yoga wasn’t just good for us physically and spiritually, it gave us a perfect gift. It gave us our baby!  I can’t wait to share the news with the world!

Hammock talks make me smile

May 2, 2o11 – Cole now knows that he has a brother or a sister coming soon! Christian surprised me by hanging the hammock in our front yard tonight.  As soon as I saw it, I had to jump in.  Cole followed.  When we were laying in the hammock, Cole put his hand on my stomach and said, “I think you have a baby in your belly.”  WOW! Christian and I planned to tell Cole this week/weekend so why not now.  It was quiet. There weren’t any distractions. And Cole brought the subject up.  So we told him.

And he loved it! Well….he said “today is a weird day” while he was grinning from ear to ear.  We talked about baby names and how my body is going to change.  We talked about Cole being a big brother. I’m so happy to see him happy. I’m sure moments of insecurity will surface.  He has been our one and only for 7 years.  Fortunately his dad and stepmom had a baby in February, so Cole has really embraced being a big brother.

It really feels like this is bringing our family even closer together.  This little baby will be the link between us all.  I CAN”T WAIT! (and I can’t wait to tell everyone!).  I’m 7 weeks today! 5 more to go before I can let the world know!

May 16, 2011 – Oh baby! You make me tired! REALLY TIRED! We have slowly started to tell people that you will be joining us in this crazy world.  We told all of our family on Mother’s Day.  Cole drew a cute card for all the Moms who came over – Grandma, Grandma, and TT.  The news about you was on the inside of the card.  Everyone was shocked, surprised, and overwhelmed with emotion. You are already loved so much.

Aunt Amy (TT) is the first person to give you your first official gift – a Song Horse and Ocean book.  Cole gave your cousin Camden a song horse, and she still sleeps with it today.  You now have one of your very own.

Your dad is also busy getting your room ready for you! The room finally has a ceiling fan and a light.  If you are like any of the boys in our family, you will want to sleep with a fan on too. Your dad is also having to find a new home for all of his clothes.  We definitely have some furniture to buy before December!

9 weeks tomorrow! I finally decided on a doctor’s office and location to have you.  Your Aunt Jessi is an OB/GYN so she helped me a lot this weekend.  I made an appointment this morning, and will be attending my first doctor’s appointment tomorrow morning.  You are starting to feel real!

May 31, 2011 – Thursday is the day of our first ultrasound. I can’t wait to see this little peanut that is making me sick and tired. Two more days!

Tonight I discovered that my days of upward dog and boat pose might be coming to an end.  Time for prenatal yoga. My balance is off.  Somehow this belly of mine is already popping.  Clothes don’t fit. It is definitely getting harder by the day to hide my stomach. I know I keep reading everywhere that you start showing a lot sooner with your second baby, but it is really early!  I thought I might make it through part of bikini season looking “normal”.  Now I just look like a girl who ate one too many donuts or is about to start her period.  If I’m going to get a belly, at least let me look pregnant!

I also discovered that it is very hard to meditate when you feel like you can throw up at any minute.  I’ve somehow managed to avoid morning sickness up until yesterday.  Last night it snuck up on me, and it hasn’t gone away. The books also say that morning sickness should be going away right about now.  Leave it to my baby to do things backwards.  Way to show up full force last-minute!

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