So Long 1st Grade

Another milestone passed for Cole.  He is officially done with the 1st grade. These milestones in his life always make me sad. He is growing up. I love who he is becoming. I love who he is. Sometimes I miss sweet baby Cole. Today is definitely a day worth celebrating. He has come a long way from the first day of school.  We bought our house just one month before the school year started. Cole was starting a new school.  He was going to school full-time (as opposed to half-day kindergarten). He was riding the bus for the first time.  He didn’t know anyone in his class.  Wow – all of that feels like a lifetime ago.

Cole was very nervous about the “new” things that were ahead of him on his 1st day of 1st grade!

All nerves leaving for his 1st day of 1st grade

Fortunately, he was all smiles when he came home off of the bus! My mom heart couldn’t take it if he came home look as defeated as looked that morning when he left.

All Smiles after school

While I’m sure he is sad to say goodbye to his teacher, it is so nice to know he is going back to the same school next year. He has said several times how excited he is that nothing is changing.  Our days of moving are done! It feels so good to be settled.

Cole's welcome home sign

Today Cole was all smiles again when he got off of the school bus! He had a very successful school year! We can’t wait for 2nd grade!

Posing with his yearbook!

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