Buddha Brothers

We have a new addition to our family! Meet our buddha brothers!

Brother #1
Brother #2

Since we bought our house last year, I knew I wanted a Buddha somewhere in our house. I’ve always kept my eye open for one that was calling my name. I wanted one that was unique, not to elaborate, simple, but still felt special.  Today I found two! Christian and I went to the boardwalk art show this afternoon.  We always buy ourselves a little present.  The past two years we have bought a really cool fish for our kitchen.  I thought we would buy something similar again this year.  As we were walking along, I said to Christian “maybe I’ll find a buddha this year.”  I didn’t really expect to find one, I was just hoping.  Not more than 3 tents down we stumbled upon a wonderful artist by the name of Susan Gott.

Susan Gott has a glass studio in Tampa, Florida called Phoenix Glass Studio.  Her work is amazing.  I wish we had the budget to buy one of her larger scale pieces, but these two little buddhas are the perfect addition to our collection. They were created through the casting process.  They were sold as book ends.  While I love the idea of using them as bookends, we don’t have a place in our house that would showcase their beauty if they were displayed as bookends.  I’ve decided to split up the duo. Brother #1 has made himself a home on our fireplace mantel. Brother #2 is on our built-in bookcase around our TV. I love that they don’t scream “look at me! I’m a buddha.”  Instead they are a simple, modern, and beautiful addition to our collection.

As our house becomes our home, Christian and I are learning that we love “things”.  I love being surround by memories.  I don’t like things being bare.  To some people, our house might feel cluttered. I’m working on keeping our “things” to an organized minimum.  Christian and I love to buy a new “thing” every time we visit a new place.  I also love books. I would love to have built-in bookcases in every room of our house.  One of these days, all of my books will come out of boxes. It’s all slowly coming together, and our new buddhas are exactly what I was missing!

(and speaking of organizing – one of the upstairs closets is done. All of our holiday stuff is now in one location in and not spread out all over the house!)

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2 thoughts on “Buddha Brothers

  1. i love them! i’ve been wanting a budda somewhere too and i also looove “things”. they totally make a house a home & is probably why this place 2 1/2 months later still doesnt feel like “home” yet!

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