Dads are the Best

I need more pictures with my dad! This is the only good one I have...

First, I have to wish my dad a very happy father’s day! I am a daddy’s girl to the core. When I was sick as I child, I wanted my dad. When I broke my legs as a teenager, he is the one who knew how to take care of me best. He showed up to every volleyball game when I was in high school. He’s cheered me on in ever race as an adult.  When I was getting divorced, he was the only person to take the time to ask me if I was truly happy.  When I said yes, he responded by saying that is all that matters.  I will never forget that brief phone conversation. It is one of those moments in life when you know everything is going to be okay. My dad is a quiet man. He doesn’t say much, but his love his huge. He is and always will be my biggest supporter. I love you dad!

Happy father’s day to my husband! Christian has embraced the role of being Cole’s day-to-day dad without flinching or blinking during the entire process. He loves Cole like he were his own.  The two are more a like than any two non-blood related individuals I have ever meet. Cole would never venture out on a surf board if it weren’t for Christian. He wouldn’t love nature the way he does if it weren’t for their relationship.  The both bring out the best in each other. This year is also Christian’s first year as a dad to a child that he created.  Maute Moo is one lucky baby to have Christian as a daddy. I can’t wait to sit back and watch as Christian experiences fatherhood from the beginning.  It’s going to be quite the experience! I love you Christian!

My Boys!

And finally, I have to wish a happy father’s day to Cole’s dad Brian.  He is an amazing dad. I know that the day I left him, I stole from him a part of fatherhood that can never be replaced. Cole and I don’t live in the same state as his dad, yet their relationship has remained one of the most important in Cole’s life. Cole’s dad is definitely one of his best friends. I’m so fortunate that they have a good solid relationship.

Cole and his Dad - at Brian's wedding

Happy father’s day to all the wonderful dad’s in my life, and Happy father’s day to all the dad’s.  It is such an important role in a child’s life.  We definitely don’t put enough value on the importance of fatherhood. Tell your dad you love them today! Give them a big hug! Our world needs lots of good daddys!

My guys enjoying a father's day snuggle on the couch!

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2 thoughts on “Dads are the Best

  1. Well not sure many would call me quiet!! But a Fathers love is defined by the happiness of his family, I am fortunate to see my children experience true happiness. I took care of you as a down payment for when you get to care for me in my old age, those diapers get tricky at age 80!!

    I love you snig

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