Weekend Accomplished

Before the tourists took over for the day!

This weekend was the first of 3 weekends without Cole.  I woke up bright and early on Saturday feeling full of energy.  Christian woke up bright and early Saturday morning ready to lay low and have a chill morning.  After asking him for an hour “what do you want to do today,” I realized we were going nowhere. I took advantage of my energy and headed to the boardwalk for my saturday run.  According to my training plan, I had a 4 mile run to tackle.  As I have in all my runs since conceiving Maute Moo,  I learned even more lessons about running while pregnant. Maybe I’ll have it figured out by the time the baby arrives.

I decided to head to the boardwalk for several reasons – (1) It gave Christian more time to just veg, (2) it was a beautiful day – upper 70s when I left the house, (3) i have the route memorized for mileage.  I can tell you almost exactly how many miles are from each street. and (4) I expected there to be a good breeze.  I was completely wrong on the last one. There was no breeze.  Even though it was in the low 80s during my run, there is no shade along the boardwalk.  It was HOT! Instead of struggling with my keeping my heart rate low, I was very concerned about my body temperature. The first 2.5 miles were great.  I ran about 11 minute miles.  I had to walk twice to lower my heart rate.  The last 1.5 miles had me nervous.  I stopped at the restroom to splash cold water on my face, neck, hands, and head.  I couldn’t cool down. I ran for maybe another 1/2 mile before I decided the risk of overheating wasn’t worth it. (The baby is at risk if my body temp rises over 100 degrees).  I ended up walking the last mile.  I did my 4 miles though.  At this point in my running/training/pregnancy journey that is all I care about.  I hope my body and Maute Moo will allow me to complete the Rock n Roll half-marathon.  I don’t care about time.  I’ll be thrilled if I am able to run half of the mileage. I just want to finish.

Mama is starting to look pregnant! Hello pregnancy boobs!

Saturday night was filled with cooking out with friends, cornhole, and a late night bike ride to the boardwalk for an ice cream cone! While I love the boardwalk in the early morning hours, I don’t need to go back there in the evening until after the tourist season is over.   People where everywhere.

I woke up Sunday craving a day at home.  We had planned on driving up to Richmond for a community yoga event at Maymount park. I am disappointed I missed it.  I just didn’t have it in me to sit in the car for 3 hours today.  Oh how I wish we lived in a town that embraced yoga as a lifestyle instead of as a trending thing to do after work.

While I didn’t get my energy fill at the community yoga event, I got my energy fill by an awesome idea from Christian.  We are on a mission to get our house set before Maute Moo arrives.  My friend Morgan and her motivation keep me going! We’ve come up with a list of things that we want to accomplish before December (It will be posted this week!).  Christian’s idea today isn’t on that list, but it was BRILLIANT!

When we moved into our house we knew there were a lot of things we would slowly change as we settled in.  The fireplace in our family room is one of them.  I love the size of it.  I love that it is a real working fireplace.  I don’t love all the brass.  Today as we were about to head to Home Depot, Christian said “why don’t we take the doors off and just open up the fireplace?”  WHY OH WHY DIDN”T WE THINK OF THIS EARLIER.  The entire process of removing the doors took 5 minutes! It cost $4.00 to purchase a cleaner for the inside of the fireplace.  The entire project took 1 hour.  The impact is dramatic.  It has given the entire family room a face lift.  We’ve gone from 1980 to modern times!  Did I mention that my husband is brilliant!

The Before….

Fireplace Before with some Christian and Alex love!

The Process….

"How do you get a guy to enjoy Vacuuming? Call it a shopvac!" ~ Christian
Bye-Bye Brass Doors! All that was holding it in place was the one screw on both sides!
So much easier than I expected

The After….

We will be slowly making changes to the inside - it works for now!
Love It!

This project was worth so much more than the $4.00 we spent and the 1 hour of our time. I can’t believe we waited so long.  (Anyone have any idea what we can do with the old doors – I don’t want to throw them away!  Looking for a greener alternative!)  Updating the fireplace is the perfect thing to jumpstart the big family room project – PAINT! The project starts this week! I can’t wait!  We also organized all of our camping stuff today and have a truck load full of goodwill items.

Weekend Accomplished! Fun, Fitness, House Projects, Organizing – DONE!

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3 thoughts on “Weekend Accomplished

  1. I just saw this post…it looks great!! The pictures didn’t show up that good on my phone. what if you could use those doors in your garden somewhere…the doors could be open with flowers inside…like an outdoor fireplace but not!! just an idea!!

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