I quit.

Four years ago today, I waited. I waited, and I waited some more. It’s a story I love telling. December 27th was Chet’s official due date. My intuition told me he would arrive early, and yet I was still pregnant on his due date. Little did I know that I had two more weeks toContinue reading “I quit.”

Chet is Two

Today we celebrate two years of Chet! Two favorite activities: playing outside and cooking Two favorite shows: Mickey Mouse and Elmo Two favorite foods: broccoli and noodles. Two favorite toys: tools and Elmo Two favorite sentences: Baby do it and love you. Two favorite books: Go Dog Go and his pumpkin book. Two methods forContinue reading “Chet is Two”

17 Month Freedom

Today my baby is 17 months old. He announces he is awake every morning after a little morning wake up play in his crib by bouncing up and down in the corner of the crib. His moo cow(s) have been thrown to the floor and his passys are having a party scattered across the room. OnContinue reading “17 Month Freedom”

Celebrating One Year

Since Chet will be 13 months tomorrow, it’s about time I get his last monthly update on my blog. One year has come and gone. My baby boy is in full on toddler mode. He walks. He runs. He talks. He laughs from deep within his belly. Because life has been a whirlwind, I don’tContinue reading “Celebrating One Year”

Celebrating Ten Months

Double Digits! Chet turn 10 months on November 5th. Official Weigh-in: 15 lbs 10 oz 28 inches long This child of mine, he is an animal. He’s crazy. Seriously. He is a wild child. He loves to wrestle (and pull hair and bite). He loves to tackle and be tackled. He loves to be thrownContinue reading “Celebrating Ten Months”