Preparing the House for Maute Moo

Let’s talk baby! No running or yoga talk today.  Sorry! I did update my morning run stats under the training tab if you would like to take a look though!

Maute Moo is due December 27th.  We could definitely have a Christmas baby! Yikes! It is not at all what we “planned” when we started trying.  We thought it would take longer and would have a spring baby, a baby who would be ready for the beach by summer.  Lucky for us we didn’t even have to try. Maute Moo was ready to join us in the world as soon as I went off of birth control.  When I first heard my due date all I could think was “poor baby”.  Since then I’ve comes to terms with it.  Fortunately Maute Moo will always share his/her birthday with Christmas.  Like we do every birthday in our house, it will be special.  Maute Moo will never know any different so I hope he/she doesn’t feel cheated.

What does stress me out about having a Christmas baby is making sure Cole doesn’t feel like he gets cheated out of this Christmas because a baby is on its way or just arrived.  I want to make sure his Christmas is as magical as always.  You all might want to stay out of my way come November. I’ll be going nuts to get it all done!

A part of getting it all done includes making sure the nursery and our house is ready for the baby.  I know how everything gets put on the backburn during the early stages of a babies life. I want my house to feel settled and comfortable. I have a long long long list of things that need to be updated in our house.  Getting them all done is not realistic before the baby comes, so I’ve made a much smaller wish list that I hope to complete before Maute Moo arrives.

Preparing the House for Maute Moo Check List

Garage –

  • ORGANIZE. Find a home for camping stuff so it can get out of Maute Moo’s room (we bought storage containers for the camping stuff last weekend!)

Hall Closets –


Our Bedroom –

  • Buy a wardrobe for Christian (his closet)
  • Buy a new dresser – possibly

Maute Moo’s Nursery –

  • Paint
  • Buy Dresser/changing table
  • Make Curtains
  • Crib

Cole’s Room –

  • Buy new ceiling fan
  • Buy beads for closet

Kitchen –

  • Paint
  • Replace Bead Board

Living Room –

  • Paint
  • Make Curtains

Upstairs Bathroom –

  • Fix wall behind Mirror
  • New Mirror & Light Fixture
  • Paint Vanity
  • New linoleum square tiles – until we do a full redo
  • New Toilet

Not to crazy, right? Of course the nursery is our first priority.  Christian is currently using the nursery as his dressing room. He has an old dresser in the room and uses the closet. Our house is old so closet space is minimum.  We are going to have to buy an armoire for our bedroom so he has a closet.  I found one I really like at IKEA for $200.  Roadtrip! 

I’m anxious to have the living room and kitchen updated slightly so it feels more comfortable and homey.  I also know me – I’ll be staring at the walls wishing they were painted all day long when I’m breast-feeding.

And the bathroom.  I really don’t like either of our bathrooms.  They are old. They are ugly.  Bathroom remodels are expensive.  Since the upstairs bathroom is where we will be bathing Maute Moo, I don’t think I can bear to stare at the blue bathtub, blue toilet, and ugly floor every day.  I’ve picked out a few cheap fixes to make it more manageable until we can afford to gut the whole thing and start over.

Painting of the living rooms starts this weekend! Anyone want to come over and help! It’s a big room with lots of wall space.  I’ll post pictures as we make progress!

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3 thoughts on “Preparing the House for Maute Moo

  1. Maute Moo will shares his or her birthday with me…perfect!! We don’t need any more spring babies anyway…unless of course one comes along (Amy!!)

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