Maute Moo Check-up

Today was check-up day for Maute Moo!  All good news!  My health is good.  The baby is a mover!  He/She barely stayed still long enough for the doctor to listen to the heartbeat for more than a few seconds.  She also said I could start feeling the baby any day now.  Once Maute Moo found a comfortable spot in my belly, we were able to hear the heartbeat for about a minute. I love technology! It is so wonderful to have that one tiny moment with my baby and my husband.  Maute Moo’s heart rate is 140…..

… for those of you who like to play the guessing game, good luck with this one! The theory is that a heart rate 140 and above is a boy.  A heart rate below 140 is a girl.  Boy? Girl? Any guesses?

I also discussed my running progress with the doctor.  She loves my training plan.  She is a huge supporter of the entire process.  Like every good doctor should, she stress the importance of staying hydrated.  She said I can run unless I feel pain or cramping in my stomach.  While it is important to make sure my heart rate doesn’t sky-rocket, I don’t have to stress about it all the time! Her ONLY concern about running the Rock n Roll half-marathon at this point is making sure I have a buddy during the run.  I had planned on running solo, but she would like me to have a partner.  It really does make senses.  It’s going to be hot. She would like me to have someone there with me to carry some extra water, snacks, etc if I need it.

Support Runner? Maybe?

I need to find a Maute Moo support team.  Christian is my first logical choice because he is my support team.  The idea of doing a half-marathon with him and Maute Moo sounds romantic, right? We are going to give it a go.  He’s not a runner, but he is an amazing athlete.  He’s in great physical condition. His cardio is great.  By the time the Rock n Roll gets here, I will be 24 weeks pregnant. I am already a lot slower. I walk a lot. He might just be my perfect partner for the race. I have a 5 mile run on Saturday. He’s going to join me and see what he thinks. If it doesn’t work out, watch out! I’ll be begging everyone I know! (hint! hint! Sara!)

And for Mama Moo – I’ve gained a little more weight than I’d like at this point. I’m not stressing over it. The doctor isn’t concerned either since I started off at a healthy weight – if I had been over weight I would be getting a lecture right now.  I gained 8 lbs in 4 weeks! yikes! 2 lbs a week is not something I need to maintain for the next 25 weeks.  There are definitely some small things I can tweak about my diet. I’m already physically active.  Maybe my body just wanted a nice cushion for Maute Moo. I go back to the doctor in 3 weeks – July 21st.  If I have gained another 6 at that point, I will be concerned. We don’t own a scale (and I don’t want to own one) so I won’t know until that appointment.  The plan is to prep the fridge with lots of healthy snacks.  I’ll be chopping veggies all weekend in between painting and celebrating the 4th of July!

Maute Moo might be taking his/her nickname a little too seriously! hehe!

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6 thoughts on “Maute Moo Check-up

  1. I already have a soft spot for cows…the from Wisconsin thing!! But now they have a whole new meaning…when you take moomoo out of the office I’ll be sad!

  2. I can’t say enough how much I love your blogs… You always put a smile on my face. But I do wanna quess about the sex of Maute Moo….I’m saying girl, so many things you have mentioned in your blogs, I had with Gracelyn. I know everyone’s pregnancy’s are different, but everytime you say a “sympton” something is just screaming it’s a girl…:)

    1. Finally! someone guessed!!! haha! I really feel like it is a girl too! I’ll be shocked if I find out it’s a boy. one more month and we will know! yay!

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