Race Day Weather

The Rock n Roll half-marathon is right around the corner. Six weekends until race day. With record-breaking temperature in Virginia it has been very hard to find motivation to get outside and run. Not only is it hot, I am slow. This means I am outside A LOT longer than I used to be for my runs.  My training plan called for an 8 mile run this weekend.  I had made up my mind going into the weekend that I would play my run by ear. If it happened, great. If it didn’t, I’d be okay. It didn’t happen saturday morning.

This morning, while I sat on the couch reading my favorite blogs, my running shoes started to whisper to me.  You know you want to go for a run Kristy. You miss it. You need to run.  Once that thought process creeps into my brain, there is no ignoring it. I quickly changed my clothes and filled up my Camelbak. Once again, Alex started begging to run with me. Again I said no since I knew I’d be battling the heat. Again I gave in.

I set out on my run with a plan in mind. Take it easy. Drink water. Do what feels good.

Lucky for me, our neighborhood is mostly shady!

About 2 miles into my run, I noticed Alex was acting funny. He was way to eagar to walk. After our last run, I noticed his harness had rubbed his poor doggy arm leg pit raw. I thought we had adjusted the harness to fit better, but I was wrong. He was favoring that leg again.  We headed back home. I dropped him off at mile 2.5 with another raw leg pit.

Leaving my depressed dog behind, I headed back out again with the same plan in mind. Take it easy. Drink water. Do what feels good. If I could get to 4 miles in this heat, I’d be happy.

And that’s when my race training started to whisper to me. Today could be Race Day weather. The last half of my run, I just kept thinking Today could be race day weather. You have to be prepared for anything during a race. HEAT. Rain. Rocks in your shoe. Blisters. You feel great. Ignore the heat. Just keep running.

Our neighborhood also has great views to distract me!

I did it. I conquered 8 miles in this heat wave. I head out today at 8am. It was 84 degrees (heat index of 90 degrees). I took it easy. I drank water. I had a GU for the first time in these training cycle. I felt great. 8 miles in 1:44:48 in 84 degree weather at 18 weeks pregnant. I will take it! (I haven’t checked my garmin yet, but I don’t think my pace was that far off from my run last weekend in much cooler temperatures.)

Gu Break at mile 6.5

The pool is now calling my name!

Thank you Tasha for making me hear the whisper of my running shoes this morning! Your blog got me out the door!

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7 thoughts on “Race Day Weather

    1. I’m glad I did because I’m certainly glad you are…..I might have been a “tater-tot” all day today if it wasn’t for you!

  1. My goodness girl, you are a stud! I’ve been inside for over a month now… I just can’t deal with the heat! I seriously thought I was going to pass out just walking to my car from the grocery store! I can’t even think about running 8 miles – WAY TO GO!

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