Yesterday morning I woke up craving a run. Today I woke up craving yoga.  I vaguely remembered looking at Bamboo Studio‘s class schedule and seeing a Thursday night prenatal yoga class.  When I got to work, I double checked the schedule. Sure enough. There was a prenatal yoga class from 6:00 – 7:15 on Thursday nights.


This was my first time at Bamboo Studios. Let me just say that I’m in love.  I loved the class. I loved the instructor. I loved the people in my class, in the lobby after class, and in the parking lot. I loved the building, the atmosphere, and the energy. It felt good.  Being the new girl, I quickly introduced myself, signed up for my 5 class introductory offer, and found a home for my yoga mat.

Me and Maute Moo (week 19) heading to yoga

Being in a room with a bunch of other pregnant women is great. Everyone was chatting before class.  Every pregnant woman has something new to share or a story to tell. The lady sitting next to me was glowing. She is 8 weeks 3 days pregnant, and she has been trying for 7 years to get pregnant. I hugged her! I couldn’t help it. Another lady is 32 weeks pregnant with identical twin girls. Another lady is due tomorrow. Another lady is due two days after me.

While it was great being with all these women, the instructor made the class. I’ll be sitting in her class again next week.

We began class by breathing. Simple inhales and exhales followed by vocal exercises. Umms. Ahhs. Ohhs. Mmms.  At this stage of pregnancy, Maute Moo can hear. Practicing these vocal exercises during my yoga practice will allow Maute Moo to associate the relaxation of my body with the sound of my voice. They can also be used during labor to comfort both myself and my baby.  Tonight I really began to think about my birthing plan.  While I know it’s just a plan for a best case scenario, I want Maute Moo to be welcomed into the world with the least amount of chaos possible.  Calm, quiet, as non-chaotic as possible.

How would you want to be welcomed into the world? This is what I would want. I hope to give this to Maute Moo. I want to welcome Maute Moo into the world with Christian by my side in the most peaceful environment possible. Yes! I’m talking about childbirth! I’ve been there before so I know a little bit about it although I know this delivery will be different. While my birthing plan is nowhere near complete or even completely thought through, tonight sparked a new energy inside of me to create the best case scenario for Maute Moo.

While Maute Moo takes her/his first breath, I want the noisy confusion of life to remain foreign to my baby. My yoga practice tonight reminded me of the joys that I find by renewing the peace in my soul.  I hope to keep that peace during labor so I can pass it on to Maute Moo.

Go find your peace! Namaste!

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5 thoughts on “Namaste

  1. Maute Moo is already getting so much love and serenity.
    Smart soul that picked you to have as a mother.
    You are amazing.
    I appreciate your blog.

    1. Thank you so much Violet! I love all the comments you leave. I can’t wait to get too know this little person that is growing inside me!

    1. OHHH you should go! HONESTLY! I think I was the only person in the room who had practiced yoga before. The instructor gave at least 3 different variations for each pose. They were all easy for everyone, and it was a really gentle class. I’m guessing all prenatal yoga classes are similar! It felt great on my whole body!

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