9 – 10 – 7

My training plan called for a 9 mile run today. I had a great week running. I was ready for it. Because of my previous injury and the date of the Rock n Roll half-marathon, I’m kind of squeezing in all these long runs at the last-minute.  I have a mid-week 12 mile run a week and a half before the race. Since I’m not following a push-hard, shoot for a PR training plan this summer, I’ve definitely taken a more relaxed approach to my running. To avoid the 12 mile mid-week run, I thought I should aim for 10 miles this weekend. I know my body is ready for it. I know I’m capable of completing that distance.

I woke up a little later than usual this morning – 6:30am ‘- Gasp! It was already 84 degrees outside with heat indexes in the 90s. So much for beating the heat. I had breakfast and headed out. For a change of pace, Christian and I headed to the oceanfront. He was going to bike while I ran. Support Team Christian could come to my rescue whenever I need something.

Apparently I learn lessons the hard way. Remember this post about my last oceanfront run. Different Run. Same Story. I thought there would be a nice breeze off the ocean. I was wrong. Temperatures reached 90 degrees on my run with heat indexes near 100, and there was NO SHADE. I never got a break from the heat. I ran through the showers on the boardwalk a few times to cool down. I stole Christian’s cold Gatorade off his bike every time he passed me. The water in my camelbak quickly got hot. I ran some. I jogged some. I walked more than normal. I called it quits at mile 7. I had enough.

When the conversation in my head started in this direct – umm what are you doing? It’s hot. This summer is about running to feel good. You do not feel good right now. Are you running just because of piece of paper tells you that you need to run 10 miles? Yes! Okay then. That is stupid.  You are pregnant. Run because you love it. Run because you feel good. Don’t run because a piece of paper you created says you should go run. Go jump in the ocean and call it a day while it still feels good. – I knew it was time to listen to myself.

I ditched my running shoes. I ditched my shirt. Don’t worry I had a sports bra on. I ditched my camelbak. I went and played in the ocean waves instead.

The story of my saturday run – Lessons Learned. No more boardwalk runs until the fall. 7 miles is just as good as 10 (for me while I’m pregnant). I love running. I started with a plan of 9, aimed for 10, and completed 7. Run, jog, or walk, I finished! Husbands who are willing to be an on-call support team are the best.

And I saw a man running with an identical BOB stroller as mine. He was covered in tattoos just like my husband. It made me smile. He was the only person who said hello to me on the boardwalk today. Thank you to him for making my morning run. I can’t wait to see Christian pushing our baby around in our stroller!

I wasn’t the only one struggling with the heat today! Thank goodness for other honest bloggers! Thank you Tasha! Any one else suffer along side of us today?

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2 thoughts on “9 – 10 – 7

  1. Michigan (where I live) FINALLy had a cool morning with low humidity, so my run went well.
    It sure heated up fast though, so thank God for early morning runs!
    Your baby bump is so cute and I am always inspired by women who are pregnant and still get out there and run! I am hoping that when the time comes for me to carry a little one, that I am still able and willing to get out there and enjoy my runs.

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