One pair of running shorts just won’t do

How did I get to Wednesday without running again? For the past few weeks, I always say I’m going to run on Monday and Wednesday.  Here I am again. It’s Wednesday. I haven’t run since my long run. Since I’m pregnant (and maybe because I’m a big heat baby), I’m only willing to run in the morning hours. The past few weeks, I just can’t get out of bed.   I’m not sleeping well anymore. I wake up about every hour to roll over – my hips are aching these days. I’m also waking up at least once a night to use the bathroom.  This morning I woke up ready to run, BUT my running clothes were not. I forgot to wash them after my super sweaty 7 mile run followed by a dip in the ocean on saturday. Stinky, salt water filled running shorts were not happening this morning. And because I’m pregnant, I only have one pair of shorts that fit.  So much for my run this morning.

My shorts are currently being washed. I will run tomorrow morning. Cole is sleeping at Grandma’s house tonight. This adds about 15 extra minutes to my morning.  No excuses tomorrow.

Today’s run will get filed under pregnancy excuse and stinky running clothes excuse. Please excuse my excuses.  Check back in January. I promise I will have less. My shorts may not fit still. I still won’t be sleeping much. I won’t be running for 2 anymore, and I’ll be marathon training again. No excuse running Kristy will be back. I promise.

Tonight we are taking Cole to his first official “big” concert.  Gavin DeGraw. Train. Maroon 5. If you need a good smile, I’ll send you a video of Cole singing “Soul Sister”. It will melt your heart.  He’s been to a lot of smaller concerts with me when we lived in Nashville – outdoor street concerts, concerts at record labels, concerts in records stores (Man! We had fun those couple of years!), but he has never been to big venue. I’m excited to watch him take it all it.

Hope you all had better luck with your workouts today and just as much fun as we are going to have tonight.

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One thought on “One pair of running shorts just won’t do

  1. I swear we are “sole” sisters… HAHA. Thursday is usually my “rest” day and when my alarm went off this morning I was like, “yeah right!” At 6 a.m. I made the executive decision to trade Wednesday for Thursday. I had no excuse and now I will run tomorrow too! Hope you had fun at the concert (I love Maroon 5)- hope Cole enjoyed it too! 🙂

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