Falling in love a little bit more

Today was the big 20 week ultrasound.  If you think you are going to find the gender in this post, you will be disappointed. No Girl or Boy reveal until Saturday. You’ll just have to come back and revisit my blog this weekend.

Here is what I do know. I love Maute Moo. Seeing my baby’s face through the ultrasound monitor was amazing. Christian and Cole were right by my side. Christian and I cried a few tears. Cole had a blast pointing out legs, arms, hands, fingers and toes. We got to see our baby’s brain, our baby’s heart beating inside his/her chest, and his/her future belly button.

Maybe it’s a mom thing or maybe it’s a wife thing, but I love watching Christian and Cole fall in love with Maute Moo too. I feel so lucky that I have Maute Moo with me 24 hours a day. I get to feel every kick. I know his/her every movement. Seeing Christian’s tears of joy make me love him even more (and by him, I’m mean Christian!). Seeing Cole turn into a great big brother already makes me a proud mom. I can’t wait to add another family member to our mix!

Maute Moo also got a clean bill of health (big sigh of relief). He/She looks great. He/She looks healthy. He/She is measuring in the 49th percentile.  He/She is our perfect average size baby.

I also know that Maute Moo appears to be all arms and legs just like Cole (and me). Maute Moo appears to have Cole’s exact chin. In fact, Cole and I were just talking about his chin. He told me he doesn’t like the wrinkle across his chin. Guess who else seems to have that wrinkle? Maute Moo.  Guess who loves their wrinkle today? Cole.  Maute Moo looks like he/she already has Maute lips.  From lips to eyes, his/her profile looks identical to Christian.

What a fun amazing exciting journey we are on. We are one incredibly lucky family!

And without further ado, meet Maute Moo again…………

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One thought on “Falling in love a little bit more

  1. Aw! So cute! You’re killing me now… I want to KNOW! My best friend is having a girl (she announced yesterday) and I still think that’s what you’re having! Jealous of the 3D ultrasound… I want to see my baby’s face! I hate that there are no more ultrasounds after the 20 week one…

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