It’s a…………

I have a quick confession to make before I make the Big Announcement.  We found out on Thursday during our ultrasound.  We may or may not have pretend to not know so people wouldn’t ask us too many times. We tend to crack under pressure!

It’s a……………


Let’s just say my mom instincts were WAY OFF with this baby. Let’s hope that isn’t true for the rest of HIS little life.

Boy oh Boy oh Boy………WE ARE HAVING A BOY!

Such a surprise!

We decided to find out on Thursday during the ultrasound for a few reasons.  The big reason is because I tend to be a very quiet emotional person. I have a hard time processing emotions in front of other people. I knew the news, boy or girl, would be emotional for me. Christian is also a very emotional person.  He has no problem shedding a tear or two (even over commercials!).  I also knew it would be a special moment for Cole.  We thought it would be best for us me to find out privately.  This was all decided in the car on the way to the doctor’s office.

Our ultrasound technician is absolutely amazing. They way she told us was absolutely perfect. I couldn’t have come up with a better way myself.  As Cole was listing all the baby body parts, the technician came to our baby’s hiney.  Cole asked if it was the baby’s butt. She said, “It sure is your BROTHER’S butt.” It probably took a good 30 seconds for any of us to realize what she had just said. Cole is getting his wish.  He is having a brother! I’m so grateful and thankful to the technician for telling Cole. It was his tiny moment with his brother before the rest of the world knew the good news.

After the 30 seconds past, I immediately started crying. Christian was crying. Cole couldn’t stop smiling. We are having a little boy!

All of our family gathered today at my in law’s house today.  I quickly confessed that we knew. We kicked off our yummy lunch with the best appetizer ever…….CUPCAKES. Christian, Cole and I got to sit back and watch everyone take a big bite of their cupcake. Blue icing for everyone! It was great to see the look on everyone’s face! Needless to say, everyone is thrilled. The Maute name lives on (first Maute grandson). It looks like my sister is in charge of the girls for our side of the family, and I’m in charge of the boys.

My friend Morgan out did herself.  The cupcakes were absolutely adorable.  Not only were they cute, they tasted amazing.  Thank you so much Morgan!

Now that Maute Moo is officially a Mister Maute Moo (technically a Bull! Thank you Kerrie for yet another great cow reference! She gets 100% of the credit for naming Maute Moo), I know everyone is dying to know…..

Do we have a name yet?

Simple answer. No.

We had a girl name ready to go.  (sigh! It was such a great name).  We have a few boy names we like but nothing we are in love with. We will try a few on for size over the next few months. Fingers crossed he will have a name by the time he leaves the hospital!

(lots of pictures to post on Facebook tonight! Come find me there if you aren’t already my friend to see more!

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3 thoughts on “It’s a…………

  1. I just posted boy oh boy oh Boy and then I read this…made me laugh!! What a special morning…loved that we were all together for this wonderful news and the cupcakes were yummy!!! Thanks for making it so fun!!

  2. Ugh, I’m so mad I was wrong! Oh well, CONGRATS! That’s so exciting! It’s funny b/c all my blog friends are having boys and all my IRL friends are having girls! Too bad all my blends live so far away – I am still looking to arrange a marriage for my little girl! ;o) So exciting for you! I LOVE how you found out and shared the news! We had our technician put it in an envelop for us to open on our own – and of course, I cried! How can you not!

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