Eat. Drink Water. Yoga.

Don’t forget you are Pregnant.

The past two days, I think my body needed a chance to remind me that I’m pregnant. I started my work day yesterday at 5am. Yes! 5am! Yuck! I had a meeting at a Rec Center, and I needed to be there before it opened to the public. I continued with my work day up until 4pm when I picked Cole up from Yoga camp. By this point, I was exhausted. I had turned into a pumpkin long before my normal pumpkin-hour.  Cole and I picked up dinner on the way home, because there was no way I was cooking. Christian was taking advantage of the beautiful weather. He was biking at the oceanfront. He wasn’t cooking dinner. Chick-fil-a cooked dinner for us. (Yes! I love Chick-fil-a! Yes! I probably eat there once a week! Maybe I feel a little bit guilty about it, but then I remember all the other healthy foods I eat.)

Cole and I had an earlier bird special dinner at 5pm. Shortly after I fell asleep on the couch.  (What am I going to do when napping isn’t okay when there is a little one running around the house? I plan on enjoying the independence a 7 year offers for the next 19 weeks!).  After an hour and a half snooze, I woke up. I designed my favorite dog with Cole. He colored. I picked out my top 5 Moshi monsters. We watched silly game shows on Cartoon Network. He went to bed. I stayed in zombie mode on the couch until 9:30. I went to bed too.

This morning I slept through my alarm clock. I threw up. I dragged my butt into work.

How is it that I can run 11 miles on Sunday and feel great, but if I miss an hour of sleep or miss an important snack throughout the day, I take days to recover. I know I didn’t eat enough or drink enough water yesterday.  I know if I don’t eat enough or drink enough I get sick. Today is all about eating and drinking.

Thank you body for reminding me that I am in fact pregnant.  The constant movement in my belly is enough of a reminder. I’d prefer to not throw up any more this pregnancy. If I promise to plan better for busy days and if I promise to drink more water, will you please let me enjoy my normal morning routine?

On a very happy pregnant note – tonight is my prenatal yoga class! It was cancelled last week. 2 weeks without a yoga class is just too long. My body is definitely in need of a good yoga class.

Eat Drink & Don't Throw Up

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2 thoughts on “Eat. Drink Water. Yoga.

  1. I LOVE Chick-fila. Maybe way too much. I am refraining these last few weeks as I am really trying to limit weight gain at this point. But, you better believe that post delivery, someone will be bringing me chick fila at the hospital. YUM! PS. Sorry you are still throwing up…that stinks! I Hope it was your last time!

  2. Sorry to hear that you haven’t been feeling too hot lately. That stinks. But it’s good that you are taking care of your body – resting and eating up when needed! And hey, I’m enjoying more than my share of junk food these days, too. We deserve our treats every now and then!

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