End of another goal cycle

Today is the last day of my 4th 40 day goal challenge! 4 already? I can’t believe I’ve gone through 4 cycles.  Right now I am still loving the process!  It’s a nice reminder that I have things I want to accomplish, that I’m moving in a positive direction, and that I’m reaching out of my comfort zone.

Let’s review…….

Set #4 (July 14 – TODAY!)

1. Start Composting – Again, No! eek! Christian and I have both decided that our big plans for our yard are going to wait until fall and next spring.

2. Take Cole to Kid’s Yoga – Done! Cole did a week long camp at Bamboo Studios. Check out his adorable picture here.

3. Keep up with Training Plan – Done! Checked off my last long run before the Half on Saturday. 

4. Incorporate more yoga into my weekly routine – Done! I’m now attending weekly prenatal yoga classes and loving it!

5. Meet up with Mom running group for group run (just to meet everyone!) – Done! Meet them all on Saturday for my long run. Great group of moms that I really looking forward to running with in the future.  I think they will be exactly what I need post-baby to drop some time and set new PRs.

6. Paint Kitchen & replace wainscoting – Nope! Baby room has moved to the top of the priority list. I’d like to get it done before the baby comes, but it is not a priority. (More on this tomorrow when I post new goals.)

7. Clean out Maute Moo’s closet – Nope! But the rest of the bedroom is cleaned out! and the crib was assembled last night! We are ready for paint!

8.  Post Vision Board – WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME! I think I’m going to host a vision board party to get me motivated. Anyone want to attend?

9. Meditate for 10 minutes every day – Not every day but my frequency has definitely increased. I also more aware of my response to situations. I”m focusing more on keeping positive, breathing, and let the little things roll on by.

10. Plan fall camping trip with Cole – In Progress. Location is picked out. We just have to pick a weekend that doesn’t conflict with the baby shower or other fun runs I have this fall.

11. Read 2 books – Do baby name books count? I’m pages away from finishing Born to Run also.  Have you read it yet? Such a great read.  The Leadville 100 race was actually held this weekend. It was fun tracking runners while I was reading the book.  The two lifeguards are from Virginia Beach too. Small world. I can’t even imagine running 100 miles.  AMAZING! There is no other word for it.  I’ve also started reading one of the female runner’s blog – Run Long Katie. She completed all 100 miles in an amazing time – 29 hours 41 minutes.  Truly inspiring! The human body is an amazing thing we all take for granted.  I also need a new book to read. Any suggestions?

12. Give blog a facelift – maybe? I changed the background slightly and updated the side bar slightly. I want a new header!

13. Tackle Family Room Curtain Project – Nope.  Again, I’ve got baby on the brain, but this one is going to happen soon!

I’m happy with my progress so far. Things are getting done, and I’m continuing to take care of me.  That is my definition of success, so I’m calling this goal cycle successful.

I’ll post my new set of goals tomorrow! Any one want to join me in the challenge?

Sneak Peak of our Crib - I'll be posting this week about the project! So much fun it deserves a post all to itself!


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