40 Day Goal Challenge #5

It’s that time again – time for my next set of 40 day goals!  It’s all a part of the plan to help me achieve my life vision. Each individual goal keeps me motivated and inspired to keep moving in a positive direction.

My fifth set of 40 Day Goals starts today!

August 23rd – October 1st

1. Paint Mister Moo’s Room

2. Run the Rock n Roll half-marathon and enjoy the race

3. Furniture Shop (craigs list, antique stores, yard sales etc) – Pie Cabinet for front room (office stuff), Dresser (Mister Moo’s Room)

4. Submit paperwork to renew teaching licenses

5. Read a book (for fun!)

6. Read The Bradley Method book

7. Sign up for a labor/delivery class

8. Curtain Projects – Living Room and Mister Moo’s Room

9. Camp with Cole (possibly September, maybe October)

10. Date night with Christian

11. Register for Mister Moo

12. Come up with post half-marathon running plans AND post-Mister Moo running plans

Reward: A NEW pair of TOMS for my chubby pregnant feet

Want to create your own life vision and goals to keep you motivated.  Lululemon has a WONDERFUL website to get you started.  Go HERE to start your journey.

Published by Kristy

Storyteller. Copywriter. Connector. Documenting the inhales and exhales of daily live.

4 thoughts on “40 Day Goal Challenge #5

    1. I have ads on my page???? WEIRD!

      I hope to get #4 done and in the mail by the end of the week so I can work on my online app during maternity leave 🙂

  1. Do those Tom’s come in wide!!!! If so I can wear them!! Ad’s…what ad’s…that would be a good thing and did I read renew teaching license…did you hear me yell YES or was that just the earthquake!! xo

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