Preparing for the storm…

After our fun little earthquake on Tuesday, I’ve decided that we should probably prepare for the big hurricane that is headed our way.  The forecast is looking worse as the day progresses. Right now it’s tracked to follow the “worst case scenario” route straight into Virginia Beach. Growing up on the east coast, in a beach town, has definitely made me desensitized to hurricane warnings.  The news talks about it too much. 99% of the time we end up with some wind and a lot of rain. This time I think I better paying attention.

We are located at the bottom east corner of Virginia (near the North Carolina border)

Maybe it’s because I’m pregnant and a mom or maybe it’s because we own our house, but I’m definitely nervous about the rain and wind. We have at least a dozen trees in our yard that are over 100 feet all.  Branches fall off all the time during thunderstorms. We live less than a 1/2 mile from the Lynnhaven River that is affected by the tide every day. Trees falling. Flooding. All of it makes me anxious. I can deal with power outages, just please let all the trees and water stay away from my house.

As of right now, we are stocking up on water and groceries in case we loss power and safe drinking water. I’m going for my long run tomorrow instead of this weekend. (Yes! Getting my run in makes the cut for preparing for the hurricane. I don’t know if that is sad and pathetic or great, but it’s a part of my brain process). We are pulling out our camping gear – flash lights, head lamps, and lanterns. We will all be sleeping in the living room Saturday night. If the eye of the storm is supposed to hit Virginia Beach early Sunday AM, Cole is not sleeping down the hall from us. I’d prefer us to all be in one room together. I’ll be dusting off all the board games and puzzles just in case we are stuck staring at each other for hours (preferably not days) without power.  Everything from outside is getting moved into the garage.

To say I’m a little anxious is definitely an understatement.  To make matters worse, I work for the City of Virginia Beach. I’m sure you can imagine the buzz around here the past few days.  The hurricane is the topic of every conversation from personal to business. As of right now, I’m anxiously awaiting the decisions made by our City Manager about closings. I have dozens of contracted employees who work under contracts that I write and oversee. I’d love to tell them to stay home this weekend and stay safe. I really don’t like not having answers to give to people.

Until the storm hits, we will sit and wait……

(Confession: I’m secretly relieved that the storm is this weekend and not next. That would have interfered with the Rock n Roll half marathon)

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3 thoughts on “Preparing for the storm…

  1. So I hadn’t even been thinking about the hurricane affecting work until someone asked me today if I’m still going in on the weekend! I don’t know what I’ll do if we get hit because it’ll set me back 3 weeks if I don’t go! I wish I was as prepared as you! Maybe I’ll try to get my run in tomorrow night at the least.

    1. I wish I was more prepared. eek! I can’t be the only person who thinks they should have control over nature, right? I hope you get to work this weekend – a 3 week set back sounds HUGE!

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