There is a crib in our house!

One step closer to be ready for Mister Moo. We now have a crib in his bedroom!

As soon as I found out I was pregnant, I instantly starting looking at cribs and crib bedding. First you must understand that I do not like to shop. I prefer to get in and get out. I don’t like to try on clothes. I am definitely not going to spend a few hours shopping in a mall. It’s just not my thing. I even ordered my wedding dress online.

I was VERY worried that I would have a hard time finding a crib and crib bedding. One look at the Land of Nod magazine that arrived in my mailbox was all it took to pick out my crib bedding. It was a no brainer. I was sold.  From there, the theme of our baby nursery just fell into place. So easy. So not stressful. Exactly like I like it. We are building our baby nursery around the 5 elements – Space, Air, Water, Earth and Fire – the building blocks of our world. (You can read more about embracing our inner hippy and see our bedding here).

Once we had bedding, I knew we needed a bed.  Let the search for the perfect crib begin.

Priority #1 – We wanted a crib that was solid wood, void of toxic chemicals and names I can’t pronounce, and yucky artificial junk.  In a nutshell, we wanted a “green” crib.  After a quick search on the internet, I instantly felt overwhelmed. Hello HUGE PRICE TAGS. Ouch! This quickly introduced priority #2.

Priority #2 – Spend less than $400.  If you’ve searched for a crib and you’ve looked for green products, you know I was looking for a small miracle.  I was feeling less than hopeful, so I started to look for any crib under $400.  This quickly introduced priority #3.

Priority #3 – Simple! I wanted a simple crib with simple lines. No fancy stuff. I just wanted a rectangle crib that was safe for my baby.

After a few way too stressful searches online, I walked away from cribs for a few days.  By way too stressful, I mean I quit looking after 10 minutes. It was just too overwhelming!

One evening, while reading all my favorite blogs, a crib solution popped into my brain. Young House Love. They have a baby. They don’t like to spend big bucks on things that shouldn’t cost big bucks. They are a practical family that tries to be as green as possible (within reason). I just knew they would have a great crib. One quick visit to their website followed by a search for a blog entry on their baby nursery, and I found their our crib. They had the same check list and same budget. I was sold. I never in a million years thought I’d buy my baby crib from Walmart, but guess what? I did! I wouldn’t have even looked there if it wasn’t for their blog.

We now have a simple, solid wood, non toxic finished crib for Mister Moo for $299 plus free shipping to the store. The entire process was relatively stress-free thanks to Young House Love. And it was all completely free for us. Christian’s parents graciously offered to buy us our crib right after I sent my mother-in-law an email saying I had found one I loved.

Although the plan was to only pick up our crib on Sunday, it didn’t take long for Christian to get the itch to put it together. This created a whole new task list. In order to put the crib together, we needed to clean out Mister Moo’s bedroom.

This is Mister Moo’s bedroom before the clean out. It’s been home to all of our office stuff/boxes of photos/boxes of my high school yearbooks/unwanted home stuff/bags waiting to go to goodwill while also functioning as Christian’s closet.

Diaper Boxes = Cole's baby clothes! Yay for being able to use them again!

A few hours later, all the goodwill items were sorted out. Office stuff was relocated to our front room which will ultimately become part office. Right now it is just a mess with boxes and computer stuff. Cole went through every single one of his millions of stuffed animals. We managed to donated a few.

Cole and his keep pile

Once the hard work was done, Christian managed to get the crib box from his car to Mister Moo’s upstairs bedroom without any help. It’s a good thing I only saw the very end of this process. I might have freaked out more than I did.  I have to admit I was more worried about the crib than I was about Christian’s safety. Shame on me.

Christian and Cole immediately got to work on the crib. I was happy to sit back and watch (and take pictures). Seeing my two favorite men put together my future little man’s crib was all I needed to make my heart happy. Christian taught Cole about using power tools. He taught him how to use an allen wrench. They were quite the duo. 


And the final product…………….The wall color, the curtains, and the dresser on the left side of the photo will all be changing in the next few weeks. The cute mobile hanging from the curtain rod – it will be hanging from the ceiling shortly too!

Once the room was clean and the crib was assembled, it didn’t take long for GODZILLA to move in the nursery. Welcome to my world of boys!

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