Welcome Back Football

This mama is one tired mama tonight! I had my glucose test this morning, a doctor’s appointment, worked all day, got my car inspected, picked up Cole, went to Yoga (thank goodness)….

and now I’m sitting on my couch with my feet up watching my favorite team kick off football season. Go Packers!  My family is all from Wisconsin. I would have been disowned as a child if I didn’t love the Green Bay Packers.

My wonderful husband made dinner while I was a yoga – all of my favorite football foods. Deep friend Chicken strips, fried pickles, and lots and lots of chopped up veggies (peppers, cucumber, carrots, radishes, and brocoli).

Welcome back football! I have missed you!

Baby Cole Cheesehead


Not so Baby Cole cheering the Packers on to a Super Bowl win


Christian and Me (early dating) - smart man! He cheers for the Packers too (now!)

Now I just need to try to keep my eyes open while I watch the rest of the game…..

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