Maute Moo (Mostly Mama) Update – 24 weeks, 4 days

I have roughly 15 weeks and 3 days left until Mister Moo joins this big crazy world. My pregnancy has gone by in the blink of an eye. My baby is really 24 weeks old? We really only have 15 weeks left? Oh my. All I can think of is how much we have left to accomplish before I will feel like we are ready for a baby even though I know in reality we don’t need much at all. He has a bed. I’m hoping to breast feed. I have tons of Cole’s baby clothes. What else do I really need that isn’t a luxury item besides a car seat?

I did find this on etsy - it deserves to be in the "need" column, right?

While my pregnancy has gone by without too many complaints and zero complications, this past week feels like it has lasted an entire year. The pain in my back I’ve been feeling started to intensify last Wednesday. I got very little sleep on Friday and Saturday night do to the pain. Sunday I ran a half marathon. I slept very little Sunday night. I called the doctor on Monday to make sure they didn’t want to see me. She advised me to sleep with a lot of pillows, take Tylenol, and apply Icy Hot to the area causing me pain.

The Icy Hot has definitely helped me fall asleep. I’ve also practice more yoga this week. That has helped. My legs and muscles have recovered from the half marathon. That has helped.  Since all my muscles are feeling normal again, I’ve realized that the source of my pain is not my back. It is my right hip.

Not my femur, but it looks similar to this image

During my routine doctor’s appointment yesterday, I discussed my concerns with my doctor. Her first question to me was, “have you ever had surgery on that hip?” LIGHTBULB! Why yes! I have! In fact I have a rod in that femur that cuts into that hip muscle. I also have two pins in that hip. ANOTHER LIGHTBULB! I know why this pain is so familiar. I’ve felt this pain numerous times in my life since that surgery. It ached like this when I started running again. It aches like this when I’m inactive. It aches like this whenever I use my hip muscles in a new way.

My personal diagnosis: my hips are spreading causing the rod to cut into different portions of the hip muscle. The extra baby weight and expanding uterus are putting a lot of extra pressure on my hips.

The doctor’s diagnosis: No real verdict yet except it’s not normal. It’s not sciatic pain. She has prescribed a muscle relaxer and motrin (all safe at this point in my pregnancy) for the next 7 days. If it’s not better, I’ll go back for another visit. At that point, I may need some physical therapy.

My personal dilemma: I do not like medicine. I’ve never been a fan of putting medicine into my body that masks aches and pains. I don’t like pain pills. I don’t take motrin or tylenol (unless absolutely neccessary).  I want to feel what is going on in my body so I can correct it. I don’t want a quick temporary fix. I don’t like the idea of putting a muscle relaxer in my body. I really don’t like the idea of taking a muscle relaxer that will enter my baby’s body (even though it’s safe to use during pregnancy). If I don’t want it in my body, I don’t want it in my baby’s body.

My personal dilemma #2: I’m incredibly uncomfortable. I am able to fall asleep easily, but I wake up 3 hours later in horrible pain. I flip over. I toss and turn. I get out of bed. I walk around. I do yoga poses. While some of it helps, none of it helps while I’m trying to sleep. I have to sleep on my side, and that is when I feel  the most discomfort in my hip. Not only does laying down hurt my hip so does sitting and standing in one spot for two long. Thirty minutes seems to be my maximum amount of time for comfort. I’m desperate for a good nights sleep. Lack of sleep equals one emotional mama. That is not a good thing, trust me!

At least Christian and the dog are getting some sleep!!! (HeHe! Sorry Christian!)

What to do? I believe in more natural remedies and holistic health, but my doctor sees a need for pharmaceuticals. I’m desperate for sleep. My hip in its current condition will not allow me to sleep. I’ve sought out a chiropractor in our area. I’m only comfortable going to one that is highly recommended and certified in prenatal care. The one in our area does not accept my insurance. If we pay for it out-of-pocket, we will have to sacrifice other things on our baby budget like natural parenting classes. It is definitely a higher priority to be prepared for a natural birth then it is to be comfortable for 15 more weeks.

My pregnant hormones and type-A personality are not comfortable in this grey area. I like black and white. I like identifying a problem and developing a solution. I don’t like having no control over the pain in my hip.

I should probably fill my prescriptions

I know I need to at least go fill my prescription. I might (with a lot of hesitation) take the medicine this weekend. If it isn’t helpful in the next 48 hours, I can call my doctor again. Maybe the next step in the process will be one that makes me more comfortable. I’m okay with being uncomfortable with step #1 if I know step #2 is moving me in a positive direction.

Besides Mama Moo’s discomfort, Mister Moo is doing GREAT! Heart beat is strong and in the 140s. I’m measuring perfectly for my due date. I’m on track with my weight gain. Mister Moo is one happy active baby in my belly. All my blood work has come back fine. I’ll hear back about my glucose test in the next few days.

I would just really really really love at least 6 hours of sleep more than once a week so I can truly enjoy my happy healthy pregnancy.

I’m open to any suggestions, tips, smacks upside the head….know anything about Flexeril?  After almost a week of only sleeping 3 hours each night I know I’m not thinking clearly.

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12 thoughts on “Maute Moo (Mostly Mama) Update – 24 weeks, 4 days

  1. My hubby has taken Flexeril for back issues and it completely knocks him out. It does help his pain, but he hates the groggy feeling that it comes with. In your case it sounds like you need some rest so I am sure this med will help with that!
    I feel you though, I HATE taking meds:-(
    I wish you the best and I will say a little prayer that some quality R&R is in your future.
    Thinking of you Mama!

  2. I totally understand on the meds part! I hate putting foreign substances into my body. Unfortunately, I have to take a nasal steroid spray + allergy pill every day to avoid getting sinus polyps again that I had removed a few years ago. But, I would rather suffer through a headache or even heartburn without the medication going thru mine + my baby’s body.

    I hope your back starts feeling better! I’m sure it will only get worse as your belly continues to grow!

    1. Thanks Kristen!!! I saw your comment right before I went to bed. It made me realize that I just need to take the medicine. There is no point in stressing myself out and my body out at this point. THANK YOU!!!!

  3. I feel/felt the same way about meds during preganacy, but your mental and physical well being are paramount because that’s what baby is relying on to grow into the healthy baby boy he is going to be! My favorite saying is “if mamma ain’t happy, no one is happy!” You have to weigh the benefits/downfalls of having a mom well rested vs taking tylenol. Which is more important (I don’t have the answer to that…only you do)? Perhaps try tylenol and/or flexeril for one night and see how that makes you feel? If it makes you feel guilty or doesn’t help, don’t do it again.

    I took flexeril once a few years ago and it just helped relax me without any further side effects.

    I’ve learned a lot in the past month about best laid plans…they never work out like you expect them to…but the best part is that they always work out like they are supposed to! I hope you feel better very soon and get a GREAT night’s sleep very soon!

    1. 🙂 After I had Cole, I always said “at least I had a plan” because I don’t think one of them worked out the way I expected. Hope your enjoy every minute with that sweet baby of yours!!!!

  4. Couple things – the rods in that hip are not natural. The pain from your hips is not likely to change with a chiropractic adjustment unless it involves massage too. I recommend prenatal massage over a chiropractor. They can be good, but they can also be very sketchy. Advance school of massage on rosemont rd there by your house is great. The students learn pre-natal massage, and have cheap rates, or you could go with an advanced person to get a certified. Let the scheduler know your pregnant and ask who they would recommend for your problem. That’s the natural approach I’d suggest.

    I also suggest – take the meds!!!!! Listen to your doctor. Take it for one night. A night when you can rest in the morning (aka that awesome hubby of yours will take care of any morning things). It will likely make you a groggy, fall asleep fast, and feel a little foggy in the morning if you have to get up quickly. If you take it with the mentality of a casual Sunday morning in bed – you can get through the fog easily and feel little (if any) effects after. If it doesn’t help the pain, don’t take it again. If you don’t like the side effects, dont take it again. You’re trying the natural approaches and it’s not helping enough. You must sleep. It’s crucial to your body healing (and yes, being prego, your body has to heal regularly as it changes to accomodate mr. moo) and staying healthy.

    So there’s my advice and your smack up side the head. Good luck and keep us posted.

    1. Thank you for the smack upside my head!!!!! I needed that! I did take the meds! 🙂 One of the girls in my yoga classes gets a prenatal massage at that school. She recommended going to him too! I’m calling this week!

  5. I agree with amandasvids…taking Flexeril knocked me out for my back pain! I didn’t even really think it helped much. I would suggest trying to sleep with a pillow between your knees. That has really helped me and it’s alleviated a lot of the pressure on my lower back and hips. I really hope you find something that works soon!!!!

    1. Thanks Amanda! Flexeril definitely knocked me out. I took another one this morning and just woke up. I think I’ll keep taking it at night this week because it did help. But I can’t function during the day with it in my system.

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