Where oh where did the last 25 weeks go?

As of today, I’m officially 25 weeks, 2 days pregnant. I know I have some time left, but time is slowly disappearing.  At the end of June, I posted about preparing our house for Maute Moo (read the post here). I very ambitiously listed all the things I wanted to get accomplished in our house before our little man joins us in this world. Reading the post now, I wonder what in the world I was thinking. Paint Kitchen? Ha! Update bathroom? Ha!  Let’s be real for a minute or two.  My kitchen and bathroom are perfectly acceptable for a baby.

I’m still hanging on to the idea that I can have Mister Moo’s baby room ready by November 1st. I don’t want to have to stress over getting a baby room ready, the holidays, and a baby’s arrival during November and December.  To add to my “I must get it done now” feeling, we have something scheduled for every weekend in October. Fortunately my mom and my sister are catering to my obsessive personality. They are throwing me a baby shower earlier than they expected – the first weekend in October.

Here is the old list and our progress:

Preparing the House for Maute Moo Check List

Garage –  DONE!

  • ORGANIZE. Find a home for camping stuff so it can get out of Maute Moo’s room (we bought storage containers for the camping stuff last weekend!)

Hall Closets – DONE!


Our Bedroom – not even close. I’m actually don’t think we will need other of this in our immediate future. The hall closet/garage was so successful, that Christian’s can now claim the hallway closet until we really find a wardrobe we love.

  • Buy a wardrobe for Christian (his closet)
  • Buy a new dresser – possibly

Maute Moo’s Nursery – Crib – done! Paint – happening this weekend. Still need to make progress on the curtains and dresser.

  • Paint
  • Buy Dresser/changing table
  • Make Curtains
  • Crib

Cole’s Room – Must get done! poor kid. I’ve been working on his room since May (read about it here). I think it’s time he get a new fan and a finished closet.

  • Buy new ceiling fan
  • Buy beads for closet

Kitchen – Put on the back burner for a while.

  • Paint
  • Replace Bead Board

Living Room – Paint is done (read about it here). Still need to make curtains. I plan on making these when I make Mister Moo’s curtains.

  • Paint
  • Make Curtains

Upstairs Bathroom – Maybe next summer 😉

  • Fix wall behind Mirror
  • New Mirror & Light Fixture
  • Paint Vanity
  • New linoleum square tiles – until we do a full redo
  • New Toilet

Could I get all of those things done? Sure. Would I be sane by the time Mister Moo’s due date gets here? Probably not. It’s probably time for me to do what is need to bring a baby home. The kitchen and the bathroom aren’t perfect, but they are functional. Our bedroom may not be perfectly decorated, but it feels cozy to me. I really focus my free time to getting the baby room ready, enjoying moments with Cole and Christian, and relaxing. Life is about to get a wee bit more crazy!

With very little thought and not much ambition, here is my new lists of tasks to complete:

New and improved (and much more realistic to-do list) preparing the house for Maute Moo List:

  • Paint Mister Moo’s Bedroom (starting this weekend)
  • Find Mister Moo a Dresser
  • Finish Cole’s Bedroom
  • Curtains – Living Room and Baby Room – I can’t let go of everything for me! I want living room curtains!
  • Attempt to keep my house clean 🙂

I think I like this a whole lot more. I already feel my stress level taking a dip by listing these 5 simple things.  It is definitely worth the adjustment.

Right now simple makes me very happy!

Not so Simple inspiration for the walls in Mister Moo's Room - Good thing I like painting


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One thought on “Where oh where did the last 25 weeks go?

  1. Oh geez, you’re making me feel SO far behind and I have a baby coming in 4 weeks! I think it must have something to do with pregnancy to just feel like EVERYTHING needs to be redone before the baby arrives. I was hoping to paint 2 bathrooms + our bedroom in addition to the baby’s room, but pretty sure that’s not getting done! Like you said, I don’t really think the baby’s going to care if it’s not perfect! ;o)

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