Rain Rain…

…Go away (except I’m secretly in love with days like today). I wouldn’t want it to be my every day life, but a chilly day filled with rain is welcome in my world after this summer’s heat.

We are officially prepping the baby room for paint. Christian’s dresser has been moved out. Our bedroom has been rearranged to accommodate another dresser. The closet is about to be emptied. All that is left is baby stuff. I also managed to clean nearly the entire house today. I love the feeling of a clean house. Paint will be picked up tomorrow morning. Let the fun begin.

I am now enjoying a lazy Saturday evening. Cole is sleeping at his buddy’s house. Christian has rediscovered the world of video games (yes! Christian! I’m telling on your silly hunting game addiction. Fortunately for me, his video game playing days happen only about twice a year. His hunting addiction only happens in the virtual world also. Thank goodness. Poor Deer.) I have wasted a lot of my time playing Words with Friends and searching pinterest.

Today’s search….SOUP.

Is it really wasted time when it inspires dinner? Here is what I found. I made a quick trip to grocery store, modified the recipe slightly, and dinner should be ready in an hour. (click the picture for a link to the website)

Creamy Crockpot Chicken and Broccoli over rice

My modified version calls for a baked potato (not rice). I will let you know how it turns out, but I’m already excited to eat it. Creamy chicken with broccoli over a baked potato on a rain day? Yes please!

Yes. My dog has a rain coat (thanks to his Aunt Nicole). Yes. He loves it! Yes. He is a he. No. He doesn't lift his leg to pee.

If pictures of my dog peeing in the rain doesn’t keep you coming back to my blog for more…

………a baby reveal just might show up on my blog tomorrow! Hello My name is……..

Dinner Update:

Dinner was AMAZING! Definitely try that recipe. I’ve also added the blog to my blog roll.  It has so many good yummy recipes. I’m going to have fun cooking this fall.

We put our soup/stew creation over a baked potato. I put half the baked potato in a big bowl and covered it with the soup/stew topped with cheese. It was the perfect rainy day comfort food.

our creation! (Christian added some sour cream to his mix.)

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4 thoughts on “Rain Rain…

  1. Oh Alex…you are too cute!! This weather is perfect for nesting…it brought out my love for Chop Suey and it was yummy (maybe noy quit as yummy as yours though!)

    1. sooooo good! and super easy to make. It would be great with your busy schedule! We are already brainstorming ways to modify and change the recipe to make other yummy meals!

  2. Too funny!!! I did the exact same thing! Cooked and cleaned ALL DAY! But it was awesome. One of the meals I cooked was a link from a pin. When Shawn saw it, he said, “I think you need to take a picture and put it on pinterest.” Boys 🙂 I definitely will try yours out. (Oh I guess I should also add I took a 2 hr nap – no I’m not pregnant- just worn out from so much house work every weekend!) Glad y’all got to enjoy the rainy day too!

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