An accidental 7 mile run(ish)

Just throwing my running stuff in a bag this morning made me happy. I loved collecting my shoes, shorts skirt, tank top, socks, garmin, iPod, headband, and water bottle. Everything was there ready for my afternoon run. I loved it even more when I walked outside this morning and it was in the 60s.

I meet a friend from my running group at the trail before my run. Even though we are nowhere near the same pace (she hangs out comfortable at 8 minute miles), it was nice to see a familiar face before my run. We walked and chatted for a few minutes before we she we took of running. She was out of sight within minutes. I was comfortably hanging out at my 12 minute mile pace. Going into my run, I had zero expectations for myself. I figured I’d run the trail to the restroom, pee, and run back. I also thought I remembered that the trail was 2.5 miles long (it is not!). I was just happy being outside in my running shoes run/walking and breathing in the amazing fall air.

About a mile into my run, my belly got heavy. Today is the first time (minus the last 4 miles of the half marathon) that I have ever really felt pregnant while running. I’ve felt bigger. I’ve felt slower. I’ve never really felt pregnant. Today I felt HUGE. The baby was heavy.

This looks like a bathroom! Right?

Around mile 2 my bladder was screaming. I had to pee. BAD. According to my memory, I should only have about a 1/2 mile to the restroom. My memory isn’t great. The trail is actually closer to 3.5 miles. My friend Courtney was heading back to this car at this point. When I passed her, she so kindly turned around and ran with me towards the restrooms. It definitely took my mind off of my screaming bladder. Thank you Courtney!  At mile 3.3 I happily arrived at the bathroom.

The bathroom was closed. NOOOOOOO! So I did whatever other normal runner would do. I headed off onto a side trail that had less traffic, no bicycles and a lot more trees. When I felt confident that the coast was clear, I found a big tree and peed in nature. 🙂 Fortunately no one else came down the trail to find a big pregnant lady bare bottomed squatting behind a tree. Three people did show up not even a minute after I had my pants pulled back up!

The rest of the run back to my car was great (minus the fact that I forgot my body glide. Hello chaffed thighs. ouch!). I really just enjoyed being out there. I love not worrying about time or race schedules or run/walk ratios. I just did what felt good. I worked up a sweat. I had fun.  I got back to my car at 6.8 miles. Since I like whole numbers, I ran the last .20 so I can see 7.0 on my watch. I had no intention of running 7 miles today, but I’m so glad I did. I got past my 3 mile mental block (when I started to wonder if my days of pregnant running where over), and I got to the place I love most when I run. The place where I don’t care about pace or mileage. I just enjoyed being a trail, running, walking, breathing,sweating, and saying hello to everyone who went by.

I hope I can hold onto this little piece of happiness until Mister Moo arrives in December. Thank you body and baby for letting me run during my 25th week of pregnancy.

Happy Mama
Happy Baby! (my belly button popped this week too!)

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5 thoughts on “An accidental 7 mile run(ish)

  1. And my hip felt the great the entire time…….in fact, this is the first night I’ve sat on the couch without any discomfort. It’s always worse the more I sit. Maybe a run was good for it!

  2. just an fyi – not sure how much the body glide for chafing runs you (haha, no pun intended – “runs you”) but stick deodorant does the same thing.

    1. To be honest, I haven’t bought any of my body glides. I got a few for christmas and some in race packets. Good to know though because im sure deodorant is cheaper!

  3. When I was in Orlando for the Princess Half last February/March, I had to pee really badly right before the race started. I had about 20-30 minutes, but the closest port-a-potties to my start corral were a mile back. My friend was waiting for me in line, and I was afraid I wasn’t going to make it back to her if I went all the way. When I saw a bunch of other women peeing in the bushes on the side of the freeway, I decided to cop a squat in nature, too! (Since I had a big tutu on, I unfortunately ended up with a bunch of burrs in it.) The funniest part was that earlier in the trip, we’d been joking with my mom about how when my brother and I were little and we would play outside in the backyard, we hated going inside to use the bathroom, so we’d always just pee in the bushes. The last thing my mom said to me before we left for the start line was to not be in the bushes…and it was the first thing I did!!!

    1. That is too too funny! I love that story! I was checking out the trees during my 1/2 before I found the portapotty with only 4 people in line. Sometimes you just have to use the bathroom 🙂

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