Finding balance in imbalance

My friend (yes! I call everyone who’s blog I read my friend!), Megan, posted on her blog today a post that took the words right out of my mouth. It’s one of those posts that makes you want to cry and say I’m sorry while cheering and congratulating her all at the same time. She is also pregnant. She also loves running.  I think everyone should go read her post – read it here.

Being pregnant is an amazing experience. I truly believe that all woman who get pregnant are the lucky ones in their relationship. We get to know our baby more intimately 40 weeks prior to their dad. We get to talk to them all day long. We get to feel them moving. We know their patterns, their habits, and a bit of their personality before the sweet baby is even born.

Alex bonding with his new brother

While we are the lucky ones, we are also the ones who make the sacrifices throughout the pregnancy. Dads don’t have to give up alcohol or foods or sleep…..Their daily pattern doesn’t have to change.  I’m lucky enough to have a husband who doesn’t complain (too much) about my tossing and turning in bed. He rubs my back when it hurts. He rubs my feet nightly. His life has certainly changed since I got pregnant. And he deserves a medal for dealing with my moods. I was moody before the baby.  I’m even more moody with the baby in my belly.

Pregnancy is a world that is constantly out of balance. For someone who is always striving to find balance in life, I’m learning to laugh at and embrace all the imbalances that come along with pregnancy.  I know I can’t look for something that doesn’t exist.  Being happily pregnant means I’m coming to terms with unexpected and uncontrollable situations.

I’m not ready to give up the constant movement in my belly. I love being able to rub my belly all day long.

What am ready to do again with out a pregnant belly? Run. Drink a glass of wine. Have sex with my husband without this baby in between us (yes. I just shared that on my blog!). I’m ready for my back/hip to feel normal. I’m ready to roll over in my sleep without waking up.

Until I find the new balance of life with a new baby, I’m trying to laugh at my pregnant running waddle. I’m trying to not laugh during sex. I’ll admit it. It can be comical sometimes. I’ll be okay without a glass of wine on Friday nights. I don’t think I’ll every be happy about my hip or my sleeping patterns.  I guess those are a fair trade for the constant movement in my belly.

99 more days until my due date…..

Pregnancy Perk: New appreciation for pre-baby skinny body!

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3 thoughts on “Finding balance in imbalance

  1. Thanks for the shout-out today! And it’s funny, because your post today is everything else I want to say about being pregnant and haven’t (like the giggling during sex and flipping all over the place while sleeping).

    And yep, we’re totally friends 🙂

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