The never ending paint story

Maybe, just maybe, the paint in the baby’s room will be done tomorrow.We started last Sunday. Please let us be done this Sunday.

Rough Plaster Walls + Painters Tape DOES NOT EQUAL a crisp line (just in case you were wondering)

This is the look we were going for……..

If I wasn’t having a pregnant meltdown, I would have taken a picture of what we end up with……..but I was having a pregnant meltdown, so I didn’t take a picture.

As of tonight, we need at least two more coats on the bottom blue strip. My fingers and my toes are crossed that when the tape comes off this time, we will have lines that are even just a little crisp.

Baby Room with Plaster Walls + Not so simple paint technique DOES NOT EQUAL a Happy Pregnant Mom

Don’t be surprised if I paint the entire nursery blue tomorrow πŸ™‚

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6 thoughts on “The never ending paint story

  1. i dread painters tape! it always seeps through some how no matter how hard you press it down. we just don’t have clean lines πŸ™‚ def not a painting family over here. remember if it is low most likely furniture will cover it. AND the room decor + cute baby will take away from walls or any imperfections YOU think there are. have fun!

    1. I normally don’t mind painting, but i’ve never actually attempted to paint anything besides solid walls. I got a little ambitious with this project. Me and that dumb blue tape are no longer friends!

  2. awww- fingers crossed tightly!! I actually like the green frog tape more for crispness, but i dont know if you would have the same issue since the walls are plaster. positive, happy pregnant mom vibes going your way!!! πŸ™‚

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