Maute Moo Update – Week 30

Week 30 already! Can you believe it? (Do I say that at the beginning of every new week?). Like week 29, this week feels like my 30th birthday. I made it. Thank goodness. I feel like I’ve got a little bit of a better handle on pregnancy and my third trimester (I’m sure this statement will bite me in the butt. It always does. Wednesday might be a melt-down day!).

I spent my 30th birthday with Cole and my parents in Disney while Christian vacationed worked (on his tan and a hangover) in Cancun, Mexico – a day in the life of a liquor rep.

Animal Kingdom on my 30th

Okay, maybe week 30 isn’t too much like my 30th birthday. It does feel like a badge of honor though. 30 sounds like so much more than 29. I feel official. 3/4s of my pregnancy is done. 1/4 of my pregnancy is left. Easy enough, right?

Running – It is still one day at a time. Some days feels good. Other days I’m happy to walk.  I have the Wicked 10k coming up Halloween weekend. I’m hoping that ends up being a day I feel good. If not, I’ll be walking 6.2 miles. I desperately need a costume idea….any suggestions? Something easy and homemade would be preferred.

Yoga – Thank goodness for yoga. My body, my mind and my muscles (and my hip) feel so good after I go to class. Due to Christian’s work schedule, I don’t know exactly when I can attend, BUT I decided to go ahead and buy the 10 card pass. It expires in 4 months. This will definitely help me make sure I get to class one way or another.

My annoying hip problem – This week has been a good week. I have slept better this week than I have my entire pregnancy which means I’m not waking up with hip pain. I’ve been working hard on keeping it stretched out, relaxed, and engaged. I think it is helping. If I don’t see any more improvement though, Christian and I have decided it is worth a trip to the chiropractor. We have found one that is highly recommended and trained in prenatal care. I have to make sure my hips and pelvic bones are ready for Maute Moo’s passage 🙂

Cravings – From one potato to another, I’ve traded my french fry craving for baked potatoes with cheese and brocoli. I think I could have it for every meal right now.

Sleep – This is worth mentioning twice! This week has been my best week of sleep since getting pregnant. Some nights I don’t even wake up to use the bathroom. I still wake up every time I roll over, but not enough to disrupt the entire sleep process. It has been fantastic!

New Fun Pregnancy Symptom – Bloody Nose. I had several bloody nose moments when I was pregnant with Cole. I’ve also had more than a few mornings when I’ve blown my nose to find it bleeding. Yesterday was completely different. My nose was a flowing waterfall of blood. Fortunately I was in the shower when it happened because blood was everywhere. It took at least 20 minutes to stop bleeding. I hope this one doesn’t hang around.

We go back to the doctor on Friday. I’ve started the process of writing down my parenting plan, so I’ve got some fun questions for our doctor’s office….

  • At what point will they make me get an induction (hopefully this won’t be an issue, but I’m holding out for no drugs)?
  • Role of the doctor during delivery since I just want to be left alone (for the most part)? Quiet is HUGE in my birthing plan. I want a quiet, peaceful room. Even my chatter box husband knows his job is to be quietly supportive during the process.
  • My plan for no drugs? I really don’t want the nurses offering me pain meds every few minutes.
  • I do not want to have my baby laying on my back. Why? That is an entire blog post in itself, but our bodies are not made to be on our backs during delivery. Delivery is much easier for the mom and the baby when the mom isn’t confined to the a hospital bed.
  • I have some questions/concerns about when the umbilical cord is cut, breast-feeding post-delivery, etc.
  • A huge detail on my birthing plan is Cole….I want him to be the first person (beside Christian and I) who meets his brother.

Our doctor’s office seems to be very open about the birthing process, but I do wish I would have asked some questions before I decided on a group of doctors. I’m feel a little anxious about asking questions at week 30 that I wish I would have asked at week 12. Live and learn, right? I’ll be putting that on the to-do list if we decided to have more babies.

Starting to look like Humpty Dumpty - skinny legs, big round belly!

70 more days until my due date (which means we have 68 days until Christmas!!!)

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3 thoughts on “Maute Moo Update – Week 30

  1. You look adorable and I would think the nurses would be more then happy to leave you alone…less work for them and I’m sure there will be another Mom or two there who want or need there attention. Are you thiking about your play list!!

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