Yoga, Yogurt, and a sigh of Relief

Thank you Mom for the time!

Once again, my mom came to my rescue on Thursday night. She picked up Cole from school and spent the evening with him so I could get to my yoga class (without stressing out my husband). How the heck did I survive on my own in Tennessee for nearly 4 years? Raising a child while maintain a healthy life is so much easier with a support system.

As always, the yoga class delivered everything I needed.

I have been anxious about some decisions Christian and I made early in my pregnancy about the delivery location of our baby since we started our birthing class. It’s no secret that I want a natural birth (granted there are no medical complications). Christian and I both continue to be amazed by the knowledge we are gaining in our birthing classes. We leave every class in awe of how amazing the human body is and how it’s made to take care of itself.

The more knowledge that we have gained in this process, the more questions we want to ask. We are delivering our baby at the brand new hospital in Virginia Beach. When I first found out I was pregnant, I was lost when it came to chosing a OB/GYN. I was hoping to go by referrals from friends. I had also heard about the midwifery hospital in our area, but knew nothing about it. It was a lot to think about and take in during a hormonal 1st trimester. I ultimately made my decision to deliver at Sentara Princess Anne after speaking to my sister-in-law (an OB/GYN in Northern Virginia). She recommended a group of good doctors, and I loved the idea of having my baby in a brand new hospital.

At that point, I knew I wanted a natural birth and  I knew I need more knowledge of the process. We signed up for our classes with local doula’s that were recommended to us by at least 4 people who had successful natural births.  On the first day of class, I soon realized that Christian and I were the only couple not delivery at the midwifery center. Had we made a mistake? It is too late to change at this point. As we filled our brains with knowledge about labor on Wednesday evening, I felt myself getting anxious. Everything they were teaching us was geared for a birthing center such as the midwifery center. I knew (and the doula’s confirmed) that Christian and I would have to have a strong birthing plan written down on paper in order to make sure I have the delivery that I want.

Wednesday Night the anxiety of the unknown started to consume my thought process. By thursday morning I was ready to hire every doula in Virginia Beach to advocate for my natural birth. By the time I got to yoga on Thursday night, I was certain I had chosen the wrong group of doctors and the wrong hospital.

C & O Canal, Harpers Ferry WV

Last night’s yoga practice was the perfect flow class. I enjoyed ever warrior position, downward dog, pigeon pose, and childs pose. I was able to refocus on my body and forget about the stresses of the perfect hospital. By the time we got to savasana I was breathing better and relaxing more. During the meditative practice, our instructor, Katie, discussed fear that can exist within us.

Music to my ears…….For the past 24 hours I had been consumed by fear that I had made the wrong choice for our birth plan. Although I know that fear is the worst thing to experience during child-birth, I couldn’t put to rest all the concerns that were floating around in my head. I was afraid we chose wrong. I was afraid I wouldn’t get the opportunity to at least try to have a natural birth. I was afraid Christian would have to focus all his attention on advocating for my natural birth that he wouldn’t be able to be my support person. The snowball effect of negative thoughts was rolling down the mountain at full force.

Katie guided us through our inhales and exhales. On our inhale, we should inhale thankfulness. On our exhale, we should exhale gratitude. Inhale thankfulness. Exhale gratitude. She gently remind us that when thankfulness and gratitude are present there is no room for fear.

At this point I knew that no matter what answers I received from my OB/GYN about my birth plan request, I needed to remove my fear from the process. I needed to focus on what I was thankful for and express my gratitude for a healthy pregnancy. I could get through the process of a natural child-birth (with or without the support of hospital protocol) if I could remove my fear.

I left yoga feeling satisfied and content…………and quickly headed next door to have some frozen yogurt with the ladies from Mom’s Run this Town.  I got home in time to kiss Cole good night while he was half asleep in his bed and enjoy some couch time with my husband.

But the story doesn’t end there……………

This morning I had my appointment with my OB/GYN. Maute Moo is doing just great (heart rate: 130, measuring right on track for his due date). After the quick check, I was able to  ask all the questions I listed on this week’s Maute Moo update post.

  • At what point will they make me get an induction (hopefully this won’t be an issue, but I’m holding out for no drugs)? As long as baby is healthy, we don’t have to discuss it until 2 weeks past my due date! (sigh of relief)
  • Role of the doctor during delivery since I just want to be left alone (for the most part)? Quiet is HUGE in my birthing plan. I want a quiet, peaceful room. Even my chatter box husband knows his job is to be quietly supportive during the process. She recommends birthing at home as long as possible, but not waiting until ears are poking out! I don’t have to wear a fetal heart monitor the whole time. I can walk around. I can wear my own clothes. They know that my body is the best indicator of problems during a natural birth. (sigh of relief!)
  • My plan for no drugs? I really don’t want the nurses offering me pain meds every few minutes. Again, they are supportive of this process! (sigh of relief!)
  • I do not want to have my baby laying on my back. I definitely don’t have to be confined to my back, but my safety and the baby’s safety is their first concern. (good enough for me!)
  • I have some questions/concerns about when the umbilical cord is cut, breast-feeding post-delivery, etc. They will wait to cut the umbilical cord, but I won’t be able to hold the baby right away (Christian and I need to research this more before I make that decision). I can breast feed right away, and Chet will stay with us for at least an hour post delivery before he is taken away for hospital protocol things as long as there are no issues (sigh of relief!)
  • A huge detail on my birthing plan is Cole….I want him to be the first person (beside Christian and I) who meets his brother. Not a problem at all (sigh of relief!)

While I would probably prefer the midwifery Center if Christian and I have another baby, I feel at peace with the decisions that we have made for this pregnancy.

Good thing I didn’t run out and hire all the doula’s of Virginia Beach Thursday morning. I feel confident that our birthing plan will be executed according to our wishes (with a few minor modifications to satisfy hospital protocol). Another thing to feel grateful and thankful for going into my birth.

Potomac River, Harpers Ferry WV

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One thought on “Yoga, Yogurt, and a sigh of Relief

  1. As much as we try to control everything, you never know what is going to happen. So you’re absolutely right in trying to just let go of the fear and not let it consume you. You’re doing an amazing job. You are such a great Mom. You and Christian are going to make such great parents to Chet and just seeing the lengths that you are going to at trying to find that right birthing plan for him and he’s not even here yet proves that. Ultimately, you are putting him first…that’s what any great parent would do. Remember that and everything will work itself out. Besides, I’ll be testing out that hospital for you with the same staff just for different reasons. You can come visit when you get off work and check the place out!

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