The Ghost of Halloween Past

Confession: I might possibly be the Scrooge of Halloween this year.

I really do love Halloween. It is Cole’s favorite holiday (without a doubt). I love passing out candy. I’ve even had fun dressing up in years past. This year I haven’t done anything for Halloween. All the Halloween and fall decorations are still in the storage closet. We haven’t visited a pumpkin patch or anything spooky. We have one lonely pumpkin on my front porch that my mom and Cole picked out on their Thursday afternoon together.

All of this is really quite sad since it is Cole’s favorite holiday.

Excuses for my lack of Halloween spirit:

#1 – Cole will be at his dad’s house for Halloween this year. He leaves on Thursday.

#2 – The idea of decorating our house while I’m still trying to make sense of all the new baby stuff doesn’t sound like fun. It just feels like a lot more clutter. We do not need any help in the clutter department

#3 – I really can’t believe it is the end of October. Isn’t Halloween a few months away?

It really is amazing what a difference a year can make. Last year I got dressed up and headed out with some girl friends for Halloween parties. Yes! That is me as the Queen of Hearts (even my family didn’t recognize me). I even made the entire costume. Yes! We won first place in the costume contest.

so much fun

Last year, we had 3 happy pumpkins living on our front porch that we picked out after a hayride and a trip to the pumpkin patch.

On the hayride

Last year Cole got dressed up and Christian and Grandpa took him trick or treating.

Really Spooky

This year I have nothing for you……….Sigh! We are craving our pumpkin tonight, and I am running the Wicked 10k on Saturday. Maybe there is a little time left to find our Halloween spirit!

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3 thoughts on “The Ghost of Halloween Past

  1. i have a pumpkin that i haven’t carved yet….it is actually sitting in my garage (not even out for show). we were supposed to carve it before connery left, but time got away from us. no fall/halloween decorations for us either and i made connery take me to get a pumpkin but it was just at the farmers market in the parking lot. maybe next year for both of us 🙂

  2. booo! you’re not a scrooge of halloween just because you don’t dress up. enjoy the creativity of others and the festivities but you shouldn’t HAVE to dress up.

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