Maute Moo Update – Week 31

There is only one word to describe this week: TIRED! This mama is tired. I could happily go to bed at 8pm every night after taking a 2 hour nap every afternoon following lunch. If only that were a realistic option…

If I had to describe this week in two words it would be tired and water-retention. Things are starting to get puffy. My face. My feet. my legs. All of them are a bit more swollen this week.  The swollen face mixed with the dark circles under my eyes are not my idea of pregnancy glow. But since those are my only two complaints this week, I will gladly accept these two aspects of pregnancy.

The rest of my issues have gone away this week. I’m not having any crazy cravings. My hip feels good for the most part. Running is going good. I’ve been making it to yoga. I think my little bit of sickness over the weekend was actually allergies combined with a tired body.

Life is pretty good for this pregnant lady….if only I could keep my eyes open to enjoy it!

Sleepy Mama....Cole said I look beautiful. Christian said I don't really look like this in person. I say I look oh so tired!

(We did squeeze in some pumpkin carving fun tonight after a hair cut, a trip to babies R us, and dinner with Christian’s parents!)

OH! And how can I forget to mention…..

We are officially as ready as we need to be for Chet to come home. We bought a car seat today! Mister Moo has a place to sit for the car ride home from the hospital. After thinking the car seat we really wanted was no longer available, I was  afraid we were going to have to settle for a car seat that was too baby for our taste or not compatible with our BOB. To my surprise, they had it at Babies R Us today. When I brought it home, Christian informed me of why he liked this car seat over all the other car seats.  Are you ready for it?

…. The strip on the car seat looks like a biking hat. Yes! My husband picked out our son’s car seat because it matches one of his biking hats. And YES! I love that it makes him happy. It’s fun to see all of Christian’s passion for biking and surfing translate over into his love of his family. (and Yes! I completely agree that it is completely dorky, but I do have a soft spot for nerds.)

Chet's new ride


It can hold Chet until he weighs 35 lbs, but a 40 lb Cole seems to fit just fine!

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