Maute Moo Update – Week 32

Another Week. Another Update. It is crazy how much can change in one week when you are pregnant. This baby is growing and moving. Although it hasn’t been confirmed by my doctor, I feel like his positioning in my stomach has changed. Fingers crossed that he is head down and preparing for his journey into the world.  He still favors my right side. Last night Christian and I were treated to a belly show put on by Chet’s acrobatics. At one point my stomach was huge on my right side and nearly flat on the left. I love this part of pregnancy except for when he decides to wedge himself under my rib cage. Ouch!

Running – After finishing the Wicked 10k on Saturday, I told Christian I will happily embrace my 2-3 mile runs through out the week from this point forward.  I’m really glad I ran that race. It felt good to be in a race corral. It felt good to cross a finish line, but it was a hard race. Now that the race is behind me, I am quite content with the idea of running a few miles here or there for the rest of my pregnancy. I might even give the elliptical a try.

Yoga – All I have to say about yoga is Thank Goodness! Thank goodness I have it in my weekly routine. Thank goodness my mom has embraced Thursday afternoons with Cole so I can have the 2 hours to myself.

Belly Growth – I really feel pregnant this week. I mean REALLY pregnant! Since I already have a short torso, I feel like Chet has claimed every possible vertical inch in my body. There is no where left for him to go but out. The space that used to exist between my boobs and my belly no long exists. Putting on my shoes is now difficult. Shaving my legs is getting hard. I know I’m supposed to gain a pound per week until my due date, but I’m not sure where I’m going to store another 8 lbs. It will be fun to watch it all evolve although I suspect it will be quite uncomfortable.

Cravings – No crazy cravings this week, although I am constantly hungry again. I feel like I’m eating from the moment I wake up right up until dinner time. I’m really glad we didn’t pass out Halloween candy this year. I might have eaten it all out of convenience!

Sleep – I can’t get enough. I’m still sleeping fairly well each night. I always wake up to use the bathroom once. If only I could make my alarm clock break, I might wake up feeling refreshed.

Birthing Plan – I’ve touched on this topic quite a bit lately. It’s the thing I think about the most. I used to think about running after work. I used to think about what fun family activity I could plan on the weekends. Those have all taken a back burn. My focus lately has been the delivery of Chet. I’m reading books. I’m searching blogs. I’m googling it like crazy.

After some unexpected insecurities surfaced last Wednesday, Christian and I revisited the idea of hiring one of the doulas who teaches our class. We talked about it briefly on Thursday morning. I talked about it again before and after my yoga class with a few friends and the yoga instructor. Sometimes you just need someone else to put their stamp of approval on your thought process. Katie, my yoga instructor, said in to me, “Based on everything you’ve said, you kind of scream doula to me”. She couldn’t have said it better. I’ve known since I got pregnant that I’d love to have a doula in the delivery room with us. The only thing holding us back from hiring a doula from day 1 is the cost of the service.

As soon as I got home from yoga that night, I emailed our doulas. I didn’t want to get my heart set on having one of them in the room with us if they were already committed to another mom. The following day I heard back from them. We have a doula! I think I even did a little dance around the living room.  As soon as I heard yes, everything felt right about our birth plan. After all my stressing and anxiety over the protocol involved in the process, I finally feel like I have all the pieces we need  for Chet’s arrival. Christian and I have gained so much knowledge about the birthing process. I love the idea of having a doula with us to serve as our advocate and our support system.  I know that the day Chet is born with be an emotion filled process. It feels good knowing we will have someone logical in the room with us who has done this all before.

As for the cost hesitations associated with hiring a doula, as soon as I put it into perspective it seems like a no brainer for us. We spent more on one road bike last year than we will spend on having a doula. We easily spent more on Cole’s birthday. Why not spend the same on Chet’s actual birth day? Although the timing of an additional expense is hard consider the holidays always drain our bank account, I have no doubt that it will work itself out. It always does.

Fun Pregnancy Observation – My whole life I have looked a lot younger than my actual age. I really disliked this fact for a long time. Now that I’m in my 30s, I embrace it! When I was pregnant with Cole, I was 23 years old. Although I was 23, I could have easily passed for 16. I got a lot of dirty looks from people out in public. I’m assuming they thought I was too young to be pregnant. I got several rude comments. Strangers were always fishing for information to confirm that I was married.

Now that I”m 31, I could probably pass for 25. The water retention at this point in my pregnancy doesn’t help with a mature face. My cheeks are chubbier. My face is more round. I know I look even younger. Everyone I meet who asks about my pregnancy asks me if this is my first child. They all seem shocked when I say no.

According to my appearance, public opinion is that I was too young to be pregnant with Cole. I’m old enough to be pregnant with Chet, but he should probably be my first child. I can’t help but laugh!

We go back to the doctor on Friday! I can’t wait to find out if Chet is head down! 56 more days until my due date!

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