Sexy Yoga

Cole is having his first sleepover at our house this coming up Thursday. He is beyond excited to have his classmate and best buddy Conner spend the night with us and hang out on Friday since the boys are out of school. As soon as I picked him up today, he couldn’t stop talking about it……and then the conversation changed directions.

Cole – Conner said he will probably come over after dinner on Thursday.

Me – Awesome. It will be fun to have him here.

Cole – Yeah but Christian is going to have to deal with it since you have yoga on Thursdays.

Me – He sure will, but I’ll be home right after he comes over.


Cole – You used to go to Sexy Yoga

Me – HUH?

Cole – You did. You used to go to sexy yoga all the time.

Me – What? No I’ve never been to sexy yoga.

Cole – Yes you did. You went to sexy yoga a lot.

Me – Hot Yoga?

Cole – Yes! Sexy Yoga. It’s the same thing.

Me – HaHaHaHaHa. Hot yoga isn’t sexy yoga. Hot yoga is yoga in a room that is hot so you sweat a lot.

Cole – OHHHH…..I thought it meant Hot like the pretty type.


Cole – I thought you meant the (whistle) kind of yoga!

Some days and some conversations makes me LOVE being a mom. Who knew? I was going to Sexy yoga all this time (prior to pregnancy, of course!).

Never too sexy!

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