Maute Moo Update – Week 33

Up until this week, I have lived my pregnant life pretty similar to how I live my normal life. I’ve need an extra nap here or there. I’ve struggled to keep my balance when putting on my pants. I go for runs but they are a lot slower. Other than those few hiccups, life has felt normal. I think this week my body had enough. I got more than a few “Hello. You are carrying a 4 lb baby in your belly and an extra 30 lbs” reminders this week.

I finally feel pregnant – not the oh so cute pregnant glow kind of pregnant, but more like UGH! I’m pregnant! kind of pregnant.

My belly feels HUGE. My boobs are GIGANTIC. My back and shoulders are finally aching from carrying around all this extra weight Yes! you read it correctly in the paragraph above! I’ve gained 30 lbs so far. I think I’ll probably gain closer to 40 lbs for my entire pregnancy. I gained close to 40 lbs with Cole too. I truly don’t care about my weight gain since I feel healthy and know I’ve been taking care of my body. Even though the numbers don’t mean much to me, it was a bit of a shocker to see a number on the scale last Friday that I have never seen before in my life. I weighed a whopping 105 lbs when I got pregnant with Cole (No! I will never weight that amount again!) so even though I gained weight, the number never got high. As long as I don’t weigh more than my husband, I’ll be happy! He needs to start eating sweets again 🙂

Even with all those complaints, I really have enjoyed this pregnancy (a big surprise to me since I did not enjoy my pregnancy with Cole). With each week that passes, my body is definitely getting ready for Chet’s arrival. I have a feeling my discomfort will only increase from this point forward.

Running – Oops! What running? I haven’t run since Wicked 10k. I haven’t given up on it all together. My body has just been incredibly sleepy this week. I’m sure I’ll put on my running shoes one or two days this week whether it is for a run or a walk.

Yoga – Still loving it! I’m so glad it has worked out for me to go every Thursday. I’ve been joined by my friend Rachael and Morgan each week too so it has provide not only a good mental and physical outlet, but it has also turned into a nice social hour too.

Belly Growth – See above! One word: BIG. I’m not sure how much more room I have in there, but Chet is doing his best to claim it. I can feel his movement in up to 3 spots at one time – under my ribs, in my hips, and around my side. It is amazingly weird and wonderful at the same time. It’s also become painful to bend over. If I try to bend over and pick stuff off the floor, I feel like the top of my stomach my tear open. Christian and Cole have become my extra set of hands.

Cravings – My eating has balanced itself back out again. I’m still pretty hungry up until dinner time, so I snack a lot. Foods of choice this week have included apples (as always), string cheese, yogurt, and granola bars. I should have kept track of how many apples I’ve consumed this pregnancy. I probably eat two a day.

Sleep – I’m happy to report that I’m still sleeping pretty good (knock on wood). Christian on the other hand is suffering from sympathy pregnancy symptoms. He is having all the crazy pregnant dreams for me. He is waking up at weird hours. He is also waking up to pee every night. Poor Christian.

Recent Doctor’s appointment – I went to the doctor last Friday. I’m still measuring perfectly for my due date. Chet’s heart rate is still 130. Our nurse practitioner (who I love and wish she could deliver my baby) also reminded me to continue to pretend to be the Queen of England – Wave and Smile! She gave me this advice when people frowned on my running. She said to keep it going as everyone has an opinion about things including our birth plan.

Chet is also making his way south. His head is hanging out near my left hip and his booty is up in my right ribs. Those little feet love to kick my ribcage.

Fun Pregnancy Observation – This week everyone seems to be commenting on my belly. I’ve heard from at least a dozen people that I have a basketball under my shirt. I’m definitely all belly.

I also accidentally indulged in a caffeinated beverage last week – Chai Tea from Starbucks. I really thought it was decaffeinated when I ordered it, but when Chet wouldn’t settle down all day I googled the nutritional information online. 95 mg of caffeine. Oops! After not having caffeine for 33 weeks, Chet was on overdrive. He didn’t stop moving for hours after I had the drink. No more caffeine for me. It was amazing to feel the effects it had on my baby.

Baby to-do List – The only things we have left to buy are cloth diapers and a breast pump. Since we plan on using disposable diapers while Chet is in the newborn size, I feel like we are ready for him to come home. His room still needs some fine tuning, and we have to get his closet cleared out BUT we really don’t need that to happen for him to come home. The closet should be done this weekend though.

The only thing I’m not sure about with Chet coming home is where we want him to sleep. We’ve thrown around the idea of having him in our room or keeping him in his room. Cole slept in his swing for the first few weeks of his little life. I have a feeling Chet will also sleep wherever we think he is comfortable. I originally thought we’d put him in his room, but it seems so far away now (even though we share a wall with his nursery). The only place that is off limits is our bed.

49 days until my due date!

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5 thoughts on “Maute Moo Update – Week 33

  1. Kristy, I have to tell you that reading your thoughts have definitely become a highlight of my day. I look forward to them 🙂 I really find your ambition amazing and can’t wait to see what little Chet thinks of the world!

  2. You look great!!! I do think that baby is comin’ early!!! Did you go early with Cole?

    Ah so much to think about during that final stretch! It’ll all work itself out once he arrives. I felt like a bad mom at first for putting Avery in her room so soon, but looking back I’m glad I did because it was right for us. She was sleeping, I was sleeping 🙂 It is so child dependent. If she was waking up to feed I would have definitely wanted her by my side! Gotta do what’s best for the fam! Good luck!!

    1. Thanks 🙂 Cole was originally due April 26th but they pushed is due date back to May 1st. He was born April 27th. I feel like this baby is coming early too but only time will tell. I’m hoping he picks Dec 21st (home in time to enjoy Christmas) or Dec 27th (allowing us to stay home and enjoy Christmas) as his birthday.

      And I seriously hope he sleeps like Avery!

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