I’m not sure if it’s nesting or just my type-A personality shining through, but ever since I took my pregnancy test back in April I have had an increase in three things:

  • Desire to cook and bake
  • Need to have my house organized
  • Longing for family time

The three of these things are great except for when they collide with pregnant hormones and turn me into a crazy pregnant lady.

I’ve been baking a lot. I’ve been baking more food than three mouths can eat. Fortunately I’ve controlled the quantity of the food I’m making so we haven’t been wasting dozens of muffins and entire cakes. Soup-er Sundays have been great for my need to cook and feel domesticated in my kitchen.

With the arrival of Maute Moo right around the corner, I’ve been searching for recipes that a quick, easy to prepare, healthy, and Cole-friendly. Tonight I hit the jackpot with these Healthy Baked Chicken Nuggets. Cole is quick to complain when we have chicken since we cook with it a lot. Tonight he asked me to put more on his plate because they looked good to him. He also finished his dinner in record time without complaining. They were super easy to make. I’m sure they will be a go-to item after Chet’s arrival.

Skinny Taste blog has been officially added to my google reader.

I’m not sure if the house organization has something to do with pregnancy or the fact that we have now been in our house for a year. We now know how rooms function for us (or don’t function….hello messy front room! Thank goodness it has been converted to the kid cave!) One of the big causes of our house disorganization has come from emptying out our third bedroom for Chet. Today we finally conquered the closet situation.

The third bedroom closet used to belong to Christian (our house was built in 1960 so closets spaces are small. There is no room for him in our bedroom). In order to make the closet work for Chet, Christian had to find a new home for all of his stuff. The hall closet soon became his designated space EXCEPT the hall closet was already full of wrapping paper, winter coats, luggage, storage stuff, etc. All of these items had to find a new home. Today everything got moved. I finally organized all of the wrapping paper. My coats got put in my closet. The luggage was moved to the storage space above our garage. Christian finally has a home for his clothes.

Gift Wrap is Organized

All of the gift wrap is finally in one spot tucked away in our laundry room (next to the winter coats and hats). The top crate is filled with gift bag (half from Chet’s baby shower). The bottom crate is saved tissue paper from Chet’s baby shower. Wrapping paper is on the right (in the box from Chet’s diaper cake from my sister). I love when projects don’t cost a penny!

(I also worked on Chet’s closet, but you’ll have to wait for those photos.)

My need/craving for family time may not be brought on by pregnancy, but my emotional reaction to this craving most certainly is hormone induced. Poor Christian and Cole. I want to hang out with them both. I want everyone to be happy and having fun. If I feel like I’m not getting enough quality family time, an emotional meltdown is sure to follow. Good thing my family likes me.

Do you watch the show Parenthood? If so, Kristina is me! The good, the bad, and the embarressing….my emotional roller coaster has followed her emotional roller coaster identically. If you watch it and you saw the episode of “Forced Family Fun”……..well, that might be me 🙂

I didn't leave my family in the street though.

Not too shabby for a Saturday…I managed to satisfy all 3 of my nesting needs. Closets are organized. Dinner was yummy. I got to do both with the help of Cole and Christian.

Time for family movie night and popcorn!

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2 thoughts on “Nesting

  1. love parenthood! fave show. I sing the theme song all day on tuesdays waiting for it to start. need to finish learning all the words and find that version (not the slower original song version) to download!

  2. Parenthood is so amazing. Kristina is hilarious and yep, I find myself to be a lot like her, too. Did you watch last Tuesday’s episode? So funny, yet so heartbreaking, too (the part where Amber goes back to her apartment to find all of the birthday cards from Seth – oh. my.)

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