A Different Kind of Super Sunday

When it is 70 degrees and sunny in the middle of November, you should not spend your day inside. Instead of grocery shopping and cooking all day, I abandoned my normal routine. Christian and I headed to York River State Park outside of Williamsburg. (Cole spent the night a friend’s house, so we had another kid free night/day. I’m just starting to get used to not seeing Cole for a day on the weekend. Just in time to have a baby.)

Before we left the house this morning, Christian did spend some time in the kitchen. He made me a very yummy breakfast – scrambled egg whites with red and orange peppers, spinach, and provolone topped with salsa. Avocado and corn bread were the perfect sides. I ended up cutting everything up and mixing it all together. Not a bad way to start a Sunday.

With full bellys, we head off to the park.  Christian biked the mountain bike trails. I walked the hiking trails. For a brief moment, I considered running while we were driving to the park. The thought quickly vanished as soon as my body started carrying my bowling ball belly and 30+ extra pounds along the trail. Walking it was. I walked a little over 4 miles at a snails pace. Since I’m moving slow these days, I made sure I really enjoyed my surroundings. The trail was covered in leafs. I love the sound of them crunching under my shoes. The river was beautiful with the sun reflecting of the water. I explored a few trails and a few paths that may not have been trails. It was a great day to be outside breathing in the fresh air.

Hope you enjoyed your Sunday as much as we did! Not a bad way to head into a 3 day work week and Thanksgiving!

Don’t tell Christian, but I actually miss riding my mountain bike (even though I’m normally dragging my heels whenever we head out.) And I really miss my running legs.

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