A weekend to be Thankful for…

After this weekend, I’ve decided that we should all work 3 day work weeks and enjoy 4 day weekends. I got so much accomplished this weekend, and I was able to relax and enjoy family.

Top 5 reasons for giving thanks this weekend:

#1 – My Aunt! She flew in from St. Louis to spend Thanksgiving with us. She is currently battling breast cancer that has spread to her liver and her bones. If you are looking for strength in life, she is full of it. She had chemotherapy on Tuesday, and she got on plane Wednesday to see us. I think of her as a sister not an aunt, so it was so great sharing time with her this weekend. We laughed. We talked. We talked about her cancer and her thoughts about everything that is going on. It is so great to be able to have these conversations in person. Over the telephone and email just don’t do them justice. We went out to see live music. Although it wasn’t are normal “get into trouble” mood, it was so great having her energy fill the room. There is something so refreshing about being around someone who just doesn’t give a damn! I love it!

#2 – My hubby! I know how much I love my husband. I know how great it is to share life with him. As we enter each new phase of our relationship, my appreciation of him always intensifies. He’s tackling my to-do lists. He’s eagerly attending birthing classes. He wants to be at every doctor’s appointment.  He’s absorbed more knowledge then I have about the entire process. I don’t think he has thought about himself once during my entire pregnancy. He’s always making sure he is supporting me in whatever way I need him to support me. I’m really excited to experience the birth of our child with him.

#3 – Cole Monster! I feel like I’ve watched him grow up this year. He’s gone from being little Cole to a miniature adult. He’s loving school this year (thank goodness for amazing teachers who help students find what they are good at in the classroom!!!). He’s really turning into his own person – a person I’m very proud to be associated with.

#4 – Chet (poor kid needs a nickname besides Maute Moo!) – In the past 8 months, the baby inside my belly has added a whole new level of love to our family!!! It’s truly amazing to watch and experience. I feel so lucky that I’m able to carry him inside of me, that I’m able to bring him into this world, and that I can raise him side by side with Christian.

#5 – Support Systems! – This one is new for me. I’m learning, I promise! I’m thankful for family that lives so close. I’m thankful for in-laws I love. I’m thankful for a healthy marriage. I’m thankful for finding two amazing doula’s who have educated us and support our journey to have a natural birth. I’m thankful for friends I’ve met a long the way – old ones who have stood by me and new ones who lead lives that are inspiring to  me. I’m thankful for the small pockets of authenticity I’ve found in this city that allow me to grow through running and yoga.

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving Weekend! (Why didn’t I take more pictures?)

my favorite photo from the weekend

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