Soup-er Sunday sponsored by my Super Husband

During our Thanksgiving clean-up, my mom asked if anybody wanted the ham hock to make ham hock soup. Christian immediately took her up on the offer. He has been slaving in away in the kitchen all day working on a soup of his creation. Thank you Amy and David for leaving it behind!

Last night he soaked the beans from a 15 bean soup pack.  This morning he tackled the rest of the soup.

#1 Remove and Chop up Ham that remained on the ham hock

#2 Bring Beans, Ham, Ham Hock and a half a bag of split peas, and 2 quarts of water to a boil

#3 Simmer and cook for 3 hours (He skimmed the soup the entire time to remove some of the excess fat from the ham)

#4 Eat

So maybe he didn’t slave away in the kitchen all day, but he did take over soup-er sunday responsibilities. He also slaved away working on my long list of to-dos before Maute Moo makes his entrance into the world.

After reorganizing our entire house to make a kid cave and a baby room, our bedroom has slowly become a disaster. I’ve been working on Chet’s room, Cole’s room, the kid cave, and our family room office area.  Our bedroom has been forgotten for the past few weeks, and it slowly given birth to a mess of its own. After today, the last room on our to-do list is done.  Our bedroom is officially cleaned and organized including the closest. Christian moved around furniture for me. He packed up boxes of goodwill items. He even went through the pile of things that have existed on top of his dresser since we moved into our house.  I washed our sheets, cleaned the ceiling fan, dusted the blinds, and vacuumed our mattress (tons of dog hair!).

This means……..(GASP!) Our entire house is now organized and cleaned. Bedrooms are done. Kid cave is done. Family room is done. Office corner is done. Closets are organized. Even our linen closet has been organized. The mission for the month of December is to maintain the organization in our house.

If my to-do list wasn’t long enough for our bedroom, Christian also washed both our cars today. My crazy pregnant brain wanted my car to be clean for the car ride to the hospital when I’m in labor.  Cole was nice enough to help Christian with the cars, and I managed to help by vacuuming the inside of the car.

The boys rounded out the beautiful afternoon by playing football in the front yard. Alex even crashed the party for a while.

Another successful Sunday after a long weekend to be truly grateful for…….Thanksgiving, my Aunt’s visit, beautiful weather, a clean house, and a really awesome husband who doesn’t grumble (too much) when I make silly pregnant requests (like a clean car for a commute to the hospital).

30 days and exactly one calendar month until Chet’s due date! I’ve got baby on the brain!!!!

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6 thoughts on “Soup-er Sunday sponsored by my Super Husband

  1. Wow, you sound JUST like me when I was 8 months pregnant. I re-organized every nook in my house (it helped that I was on summer break) and then was stressed that my car wasn’t clean and so Dan cleaned it for me! Sounds like you are ready for baby Chet to come and somehow turn your clean organized house upside down! ha ha Good luck these last few weeks!! :o)

    1. I know the second he comes home, all my organization is out the window! It’s amazing how one little baby can take over an entire house!!!

      Now all I can think about is the pictures I want to hang, scrubbing my kitchen floor, and cleaning my bathroom. At some point the list has to run out, right?

  2. For me I didn’t stop “nesting” until I went into labor. I knew my family would be staying at my house while I was at the hospital and had this need to keep the house clean ta ALL times JUST in case. It drove Dan crazy! But, it was nice to have a super clean house! I remember one day after I had gone back to work I stayed up until 11pm mopping the kitchen floor…clearly irrational at that point! Enjoy your clean house while you can!!!

  3. I can’t believe you still have 1 month to go! I’m not really sure where any more weight is going to go…what’s normal weight gain in the last month? I also can’t believe it’s just 1 month! Time has been FLYING! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

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