Oh Christmas Tree!

I did it! I finally convinced everyone in our household that cutting down a Christmas tree (as opposed to buying one from a corner tree lot) was a good idea.  I’m not sure exactly how much convincing I really had to do. I told them we were going today. Christian and Cole agreed.

We headed out to the country this afternoon – 20 miles from our house and just a few miles from the North Carolina border – to Bright’s Family Tree Farm. After walking around the lot for over an hour, we finally found our tree. I brought my nice camera with us so we could take a few photos. Guess who forgot to take a picture with our chosen tree? Fortunately we did take a few so I can get our Christmas cards in the mail.

Cole really wanted a tree of his own

A part of our Christmas family traditions is to give Cole an ornament every year when we start to decorate the tree. After a lot of searching, Christian and I found the perfect ornament yesterday afternoon (just in time). As Cole has described it….it is kind of part snowman part astronaut part robot.  It reminded me of something Cole would create on his own, so I couldn’t leave him behind at the store.

As of right now, it’s the ornament on our tree. We are letting the tree “rest” before be decorate it with lights and boxes and boxes of ornaments. I hope there is enough room on our tree for all of them. Christian and I have both been given an ornament every year since we were born by our families as well. Combine our too collections plus all the other ones we have collected along the way and we have quite a collection.

Tomorrow we will be working on keeping up with the Griswolds. Christian and Cole are in charge of decorating the outside of the house. They will also be helping me decorate the inside of the house and the tree.

One step closer to Christmas! One step closer to having a baby in our house!


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