Soup-er Sunday – Does it count if you can eat it in a Bowl?

As my ability to accomplish things in a timely manner continues to decline, my to-do list is somehow growing. Things I’d normally not care about, all of a sudden need to get done. Now! Thank goodness for all those weekends I spent organizing our house. It only took me two hours to clean our house top to bottom this weekend.

While I’m craving a clean house, organization, and Christmas decor for Cole, I am not feeling very creative in the kitchen. Instead of making a new soup this Sunday, I made one of my all-time favorite dishes – My grandma’s chop suey recipe. You can eat it in a bowl. That counts for Soup-er Sunday, right?

This meal has been my favorite for as long as I can remember. We would go to visit my grandma, and she knew how much I loved it. She’d have it on the stove waiting for us when we showed up. She always served it (and all her other dinners) on plates warmed in the oven. Since I’ve had a home of my own, I’ve been cooking this meal. It always makes me think of her. It is now one of Cole’s favorite meals. I even think I won Christian over with it.  I don’t know if the meal is really that good or if I just really love all the memories attached to it. Either way it is exactly what I wanted this weekend while we are decorating our home for the holidays.

Christian and Cole spent the afternoon outside hanging Christmas lights. I spent about an hour in the kitchen preparing our meal (from the recipe that is still written in my Grandma’s handwriting). The tree and the rest of the decorations will get put out slowly this week. I just didn’t have it in me today.

My Grandma’s Chop Suey Recipe – Enjoy it! Love it! and make sure you serve it on a warm plate (or a bowl)!

(I like to double the recipe…it makes awesome leftovers)

1 lb diced pork chops (or veal)

1 c. onions, chopped finely

1 c. celery, chopped finely

1 tsp. salt

1/4 tsp. pepper

2 c. hot water – divided

1 can of bean sprouts

1 can of water chestnuts (sliced)

Thickening Sauce – double recipe:

2/3 c. cold water

1/4 c. corn starch

1 T. plus 1 tsp. Soy Sauce

2 tsp. sugar

2 T. Molasses (dark)

Brown meat in a small amount of oil. Add salt, pepper and 1 c. of hot water. Cover and cook gently for 20 minutes until meat is tender. Remove cover. Add onions and fry for 5 minutes. Add celery and another cup of hot water. Cook for 5 minutes. Add drained bean sprouts and water chestnuts. Add thickening sauce. Serve piping hot over a bed of rice (we prefer brown rice).

(The longer it cooks, the better it gets!)

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